Zebaish Drama Review, “Zebaish” Pakistani dramas have earned a global reputation for their emotional depth, complex characters, and the ability to tackle societal issues with nuance. “Zebaish,” a drama that aired in 2020, is no exception. Directed by Iqbal Hussain and produced by the renowned Momina Duraid under the banner of MD Productions, “Zebaish” presents a tapestry of interwoven lives and themes, exploring the intricacies of power, revenge, love, and the multifaceted human relationships.

 Zebaish drama Review

Zebaish Pakistani Drama Story:

“Zebaish” is a Pakistani drama that weaves an intricate tale of power, ambition, love, and revenge. At its core is Noushaba (played by Zara Noor Abbas), a resilient woman grappling with societal expectations and personal aspirations. She is married to Nadeem (Asad Siddiqui), whose love and support are tested as they navigate various challenges.

Natasha, also known as Tashi (Zoya Nasir), is Noushaba’s ambitious and often conflicted cousin, whose pursuit of fame brings her into conflict with those around her. Dilawer (Hammad Shoaib) is another key figure, shrouded in mystery and adding layers of intrigue to the plot.

The drama is further enriched by a cast of strong supporting characters, including the matriarch Sania (Salma Zafar), the determined Shahana (Bushra Ansari), and the powerful Pirzada Qasim (Adnan Shah Tipu). Each character’s actions and decisions drive the narrative forward, creating a web of interconnected stories.

“Zebaish” explores themes of power dynamics, familial loyalty, and the clash between traditional values and modern ambitions. With its compelling characters and complex storyline, the drama captures the viewers’ attention, making it a memorable addition to Pakistani television.

Zebaish Pakistani Drama Cast:

1.Zara Noor Abbas as Noushaba:

Character Overview: Noushaba is the central protagonist of “Zebaish,” a resilient and strong-willed woman facing the complexities of life and societal expectations.

Performance: Zara Noor Abbas delivers a powerful and nuanced performance, capturing the character’s strength and vulnerability, making Noushaba a compelling figure.

2.Asad Siddiqui as Nadeem:

Character Overview: Nadeem is a multifaceted character whose relationship with Noushaba is central to the narrative, marked by love, conflict, and mutual growth.

Performance: Asad Siddiqui’s portrayal is characterized by subtlety and intensity, effectively conveying Nadeem’s inner conflicts and external struggles.

3.Zoya Nasir as Natasha (Tashi):

Character Overview: Tashi is driven by ambition and the desire for recognition. Her journey involves significant personal choices that affect her relationships with Noushaba and Nadeem.

Performance: Zoya Nasir brings dynamic energy to the role, capturing Tashi’s aspirations and insecurities, making her a compelling figure in the drama.

4.Hammad Shoaib as Dilawer:

Character Overview: Dilawer is a complex character whose actions and motivations add layers of intrigue and tension to the plot.

Performance: Hammad Shoaib delivers a compelling performance, infusing Dilawer with realism and authenticity, resonating with viewers.

5.Salma Zafar as Sania:

Character Overview: Sania is a matriarchal figure representing traditional values, serving as a counterpoint to more modern characters like Tashi.

Performance: Salma Zafar’s portrayal is powerful and evocative, bringing a commanding presence to the role of Sania.

6.Bushra Ansari as Shahana:

Character Overview: Shahana is a determined woman whose decisions drive much of the plot, characterized by a strong will and complex personality.

Performance: Bushra Ansari delivers a nuanced and captivating performance, adding significant depth to Shahana.

7.Shabbir Jan as Javed:

Character Overview: Javed is a crucial link between various storylines, with his actions adding complexity to the plot.

Performance: Shabbir Jan’s portrayal is marked by a strong screen presence and deep understanding of the character, adding intrigue to the narrative.

8.Babar Ali as Pervaiz:

Character Overview: Pervaiz is a key figure whose actions drive much of the conflict, characterized by intensity and dynamic interactions.

Performance: Babar Ali brings intensity to the role, making Pervaiz a central figure in the storyline.

9.Asma Abbas as Nadira:

Character Overview: Nadira is marked by resilience and strength, with her journey providing emotional depth to the plot.

Performance: Asma Abbas’s performance is heartfelt and poignant, adding realism to the character of Nadira.

10.Adnan Shah Tipu as Pirzada Qasim:

Character Overview: Pirzada Qasim is a character of significant influence, with his actions impacting many others, adding layers of complexity.

Performance: Adnan Shah Tipu’s portrayal is commanding and authoritative, adding gravitas to Pirzada Qasim.

11.Qavi Khan as Pir Sahab:

Character Overview: Pir Sahab embodies wisdom and tradition, providing guidance and insight to other characters.

Performance: Qavi Khan delivers a dignified and profound performance, adding depth and authenticity to the character.

12.Alyy Khan:

Character Overview: Alyy Khan’s character adds additional complexity to the drama, with pivotal interactions that drive the plot.

Performance: Alyy Khan brings a strong screen presence and deep understanding of his character, adding significant value to the narrative.

Zebaish Pakistani Drama Ratings:

“Zebaish,” the Pakistani drama, received mixed ratings throughout its run. While it maintained a steady viewership, it didn’t achieve the same level of success as some contemporaries. The drama’s appeal varied among audiences, with some praising its strong performances and intricate plot, while others criticized narrative inconsistencies and pacing issues. Despite this, “Zebaish” managed to capture a significant audience, demonstrating its ability to engage viewers with its thematic depth and compelling character dynamics. Overall, its ratings reflected a diverse range of opinions, showcasing both its strengths and weaknesses in the competitive landscape of Pakistani television dramas.

Zebaish Pakistani drama Timings:

Zebaish,” the Pakistani drama aired on HUM TV, graced screens every Friday at 8:00 PM, enchanting viewers with its captivating storyline and stellar performances.

Zebaish Pakistani Drama Director:

“Zebaish,” directed by Iqbal Hussain, is a riveting Pakistani drama that captivates audiences with its compelling storyline and stellar performances. Set in the glamorous world of entertainment, the show delves into the lives of celebrities, showcasing their struggles, ambitions, and relationships. Hussain’s masterful direction brings out the depth of each character, weaving together intricate plots that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. With its blend of drama, romance, and suspense, “Zebaish” offers a unique glimpse into the entertainment industry, exploring themes of fame, power, and morality. It’s a must-watch for anyone seeking engaging storytelling and top-notch production values.

Zebaish Drama Impact and Legacy:

Despite its mixed reception, “Zebaish” has left a lasting impact on the Pakistani drama landscape. It showcased the talents of its cast and crew, demonstrating the potential for high-quality storytelling in Pakistani television. The drama also highlighted important societal issues, prompting discussions among viewers and critics alike.

“Zebaish” has contributed to the ongoing evolution of Pakistani dramas, pushing the boundaries of traditional storytelling and exploring new thematic territory. Its legacy lies in its ability to captivate audiences and provoke thought, ensuring that it remains a significant part of the Pakistani television canon.


“Zebaish” is a drama that exemplifies the strengths and challenges of contemporary Pakistani television. With its strong performances, intricate plot, and thematic depth, it offers a compelling viewing experience. While it is not without its flaws, the drama’s impact and legacy are undeniable. “Zebaish” stands as a testament to the talent and creativity of the Pakistani entertainment industry, offering a rich and engaging narrative that resonates with viewers long after the final episode has aired

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