Viswasam Movie Review, Viswasam is a 2019 Tamil-language action drama film directed by Siva, starring Ajith Kumar and Nayanthara in the lead roles. The movie follows the story of Thooku Durai, a village chieftain who faces challenges and conflicts within his community while trying to protect his family. With its engaging storyline, strong performances, and memorable characters, “Viswasam” has garnered significant acclaim from audiences and critics alike.


Plot Synopsis:

In “Viswasam,” the plot follows Thooku Durai, a respected village leader, as he navigates through a series of challenges, including a longstanding feud with a formidable adversary, Gautham Veer. Set in rural Tamil Nadu, the film explores themes of family, justice, and redemption. As tensions escalate, Thooku Durai’s past resurfaces, leading to emotional confrontations and profound moments of introspection. With its gripping storyline and intense action sequences, “Viswasam” offers a compelling cinematic experience that captivates audiences from start to finish.


  1. Ajith Kumar as Thooku Durai: Ajith Kumar delivers a powerful performance as Thooku Durai, the brave and resilient village chieftain who stands up against injustice and fights to protect his loved ones. With his charismatic screen presence and intense portrayal, Ajith captures the essence of the character, earning praise from audiences and critics alike.
  2. Nayanthara as Niranjana: Nayanthara shines in the role of Niranjana, Thooku Durai’s wife, portraying a character who is strong-willed, supportive, and fiercely loyal to her family. Her chemistry with Ajith Kumar adds depth to the film, making their relationship a central aspect of the narrative.
  3. Jagapathi Babu as Gautham Veer: Jagapathi Babu delivers a stellar performance as Gautham Veer, the main antagonist of the film. With his menacing presence and powerful portrayal, he poses a formidable challenge to Thooku Durai, leading to intense confrontations and gripping action sequences.
  4. Anikha Surendran as Swetha: Anikha Surendran portrays the role of Swetha, Thooku Durai’s daughter, with innocence and charm. Her bond with her father forms an emotional core of the film, adding layers of sentiment to the action-packed storyline.
  5. Vivek as Thooku Durai’s Friend: Vivek brings humor and levity to the film with his portrayal of Thooku Durai’s friend. His comedic timing and witty dialogue delivery provide moments of relief amidst the intense drama, earning him praise from audiences.
  6. Yogi Babu as Rosamani: Yogi Babu adds comic relief to the narrative with his portrayal of Rosamani, a quirky character who provides laughs with his antics and one-liners. His chemistry with the other cast members enhances the entertainment value of the film.
  7. Thambi Ramaiah as Niranjana’s Father: Thambi Ramaiah delivers a notable performance as Niranjana’s father, portraying a character who is protective of his daughter yet ultimately supports her decisions. His presence adds depth to the family dynamics portrayed in the film.
  8. Robo Shankar as Thooku Durai’s Henchman: Robo Shankar shines in the role of Thooku Durai’s loyal henchman, adding to the action sequences with his comedic flair and dynamic screen presence. His character provides support to Thooku Durai in his battles against the antagonists.


“Viswasam” has received widespread acclaim from audiences and critics alike, earning praise for its engaging storyline, strong performances, and well-executed action sequences. The film’s emotional depth, coupled with its entertaining elements, has resonated with viewers, making it a commercial success at the box office.

On popular review platforms, “Viswasam” has garnered an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, indicating overwhelmingly positive reviews from audiences. Critics have also praised the film for its effective storytelling, compelling characters, and impactful performances, earning it critical acclaim and accolades in the industry.

The film’s success can also be attributed to the direction of Siva, who has skillfully crafted a compelling narrative that balances action, drama, and emotion. Siva’s ability to capture the essence of rural life and portray authentic characters has been widely appreciated by audiences, adding to the film’s appeal.

Overall, “Viswasam” stands out as a must-watch film for fans of Tamil cinema, offering a captivating cinematic experience that entertains, engages, and resonates on a profound level.

Themes and Cultural Significance:

“Viswasam” encapsulates themes of family, loyalty, justice, and rural life, reflecting the cultural ethos of Tamil Nadu. It celebrates the importance of familial bonds, portraying the protagonist’s unwavering commitment to his loved ones. The film highlights the values of trust, friendship, and standing up against injustice, resonating with audiences across demographics. Through its portrayal of rural life, “Viswasam” captures the essence of Tamil Nadu’s villages, showcasing their traditions, customs, and close-knit communities. The movie serves as a tribute to the resilience and spirit of the Tamil people, while also promoting unity, empowerment, and the preservation of cultural heritag


Siva has established himself as one of the leading directors in the Tamil film industry, known for his ability to helm commercial entertainers that strike a chord with audiences. With films like “Veeram” and “Vedalam” to his credit, Siva has proven his prowess in crafting engaging narratives that blend action, drama, and emotion seamlessly.

In “Viswasam,” Siva once again showcases his directorial finesse, delivering a film that not only entertains but also leaves a lasting impact on viewers. His adept handling of the storyline, coupled with his skill in eliciting powerful performances from the cast, contributes to the film’s success.

Siva’s attention to detail and his ability to capture the essence of rural life add authenticity to the narrative, immersing audiences in the world of the film. His knack for pacing and storytelling ensures that “Viswasam” maintains a gripping momentum from start to finish, keeping viewers invested in the characters and their journey.

Conclusion: In conclusion, “Viswasam” stands as a testament to the power of cinema to reflect and celebrate the cultural diversity of Tamil Nadu. Through its compelling narrative, memorable characters, and rich cultural tapestry, the film has left an indelible mark on audiences, resonating with viewers on a profound level. As Tamil cinema continues to evolve, “Viswasam” serves as a shining example of storytelling excellence and cinematic brilliance.

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