Tere Ishq Ke Naam Drama Review, “Tere Ishq Ke Naam” is a Pakistani drama series that has captivated audiences with its intriguing storyline, complex characters, and emotional depth. Premiering on ARY Digital, this drama delves into the intricacies of love, societal pressures, and personal struggles, weaving a narrative that resonates deeply with viewers. Directed by Ahmed Bhatti and featuring a stellar cast, “Tere Ishq Ke Naam” stands out as a significant addition to the realm of Pakistani television dramas.

Tere Ishq Ke Naam Drama Review

Tere Ishq Ke Naam Drama Story:

“Tere Ishq Ke Naam” is a captivating Pakistani drama that has enthralled audiences with its emotional depth and compelling storyline. Directed by the talented Ahmed Bhatti, the drama features a stellar cast, including Zaviyar Noman as Khursheed, Hiba Bukhari as Rutba, Usama Khan as Altamash, and Yashma Gill as Azka.

The narrative weaves through the lives of its characters, each facing their own struggles and dilemmas. Khursheed, played by Zaviyar Noman, is a man of strong convictions grappling with love and redemption. Hiba Bukhari’s Rutba is a woman torn between societal expectations and personal desires, embarking on a journey of self-discovery. Usama Khan’s Altamash is driven by ambition, facing obstacles that challenge his goals and relationships, while Yashma Gill’s Azka embodies resilience and strength amidst adversity.

Supporting characters like Jamal Shah as the wise Meher Ali, Nida Mumtaz as the traditional Rashida, Arisha Razi as the young and dynamic Arfa, and Nadia Afghan as the complex Ronak add further depth to the narrative.

“Tere Ishq Ke Naam” is lauded for its strong performances, nuanced character development, and Bhatti’s masterful direction, making it a standout drama in Pakistani television.

Tere Ishq Ke Naam Drama Review

Tere Ishq Ke Naam Drama Cast:

1. Zaviyar Noman as Khursheed:

Character Overview: Khursheed is a man of strong convictions and complex emotions. He is driven by personal ambitions but faces numerous challenges that test his resilience and morality. Khursheed’s journey is marked by love, betrayal, and redemption.

Performance: Zaviyar Noman brings depth to Khursheed’s character, portraying his emotional struggles and transformations with subtlety and intensity. Noman’s ability to convey a wide range of emotions makes Khursheed a compelling and relatable character.

2. Hiba Bukhari as Rutba:

Character Overview: Rutba is a woman caught between her personal desires and societal expectations. She grapples with the pressures imposed on her by family and society while trying to carve out her own path.

Performance: Hiba Bukhari captures Rutba’s internal conflict and growth with authenticity and grace. Her portrayal highlights Rutba’s journey of self-discovery and empowerment, making her a strong and inspiring character.

3. Usama Khan as Altamash:

Character Overview: Altamash is ambitious and driven, with a charismatic presence. His journey is marked by his pursuit of success and the obstacles he faces along the way, which test his relationships and integrity.

Performance: Usama Khan brings energy and dynamism to Altamash, effectively portraying his character’s ambitions and struggles. Khan’s performance adds depth to Altamash, making his journey engaging and impactful.

4. Yashma Gill as Azka:

Character Overview: Azka is characterized by her resilience and strength. She faces numerous challenges but remains steadfast and determined. Her journey is one of growth and self-empowerment.

Performance: Yashma Gill delivers a powerful performance as Azka, capturing her character’s emotional depth and evolution. Gill’s portrayal is both nuanced and compelling, making Azka a standout character in the drama.

5. Jamal Shah as Meher Ali:

Character Overview: Meher Ali is a character of wisdom and gravitas. He plays a pivotal role in guiding and influencing the other characters, often serving as a moral compass in the story.

Performance: Jamal Shah brings sophistication and depth to Meher Ali, using his extensive acting experience to enrich the character. His performance adds a layer of wisdom and stability to the drama.

6. Nida Mumtaz as Rashida:

Character Overview: Rashida embodies traditional values and societal pressures. She is a character who struggles with balancing these values in the changing dynamics of her family and society.

Performance: Nida Mumtaz portrays Rashida with sensitivity and nuance, capturing the essence of a woman caught between tradition and modernity. Her performance adds emotional weight to the drama.

7. Arisha Razi as Arfa:

Character Overview: Arfa is a younger character who represents the new generation navigating societal expectations and personal aspirations. Her journey is one of discovery and growth.

Performance: Arisha Razi brings youthful energy and innocence to Arfa, adding a fresh perspective to the narrative. Her portrayal highlights the impact of societal expectations on younger individuals.

8. Nadia Afghan as Ronak:

Character Overview: Ronak is a complex character with layers of emotions and motivations. She is strong and independent, often facing her challenges head-on.

Performance: Nadia Afghan delivers an exceptional performance as Ronak, bringing depth and authenticity to the character. Her portrayal captures Ronak’s strength and resilience, making her a memorable part of the drama.

Tere Ishq Ke Naam Drama Ratings:

“Tere Ishq Ke Naam,” a Pakistani drama, has garnered significant attention for its compelling storyline and strong performances. The series, which explores themes of love, betrayal, and redemption, has been praised for its engaging script and well-developed characters. Viewers and critics alike have lauded the show’s direction and production quality. On a rating scale, “Tere Ishq Ke Naam” scores a solid 8.5 out of 10, reflecting its popularity and positive reception. The drama’s ability to capture emotional depth and maintain audience interest contributes to its high ratings in the Pakistani television landscape.

Tere Ishq Ke Naam Drama Timings:

Tere Ishq Ke Naam” airs its captivating episodes every Thursday at 8 PM on ARY Digital, ensuring a weekly rendezvous with its riveting storyline and stellar performances.

Tere Ishq Ke Naam Drama Director:

“Tere Ishq Ke Naam,” directed by Ahmed Bhatti, is a captivating drama that delves into the complexities of love amidst societal constraints. Set against a backdrop of tradition and modernity, the narrative intricately weaves together the lives of its characters, each grappling with their own desires and dilemmas. Bhatti’s masterful direction brings out the raw emotions and conflicts, painting a poignant picture of love’s triumphs and tribulations. With stellar performances and a gripping storyline, “Tere Ishq Ke Naam” resonates with audiences, offering a profound exploration of passion, sacrifice, and the enduring power of love in the face of adversity.

Tere Ishq Ke Naam Drama Audience response:

“Tere Ishq Ke Naam” has captivated audiences with its gripping storyline and stellar performances. Viewers are hooked to the intense love saga, applauding the chemistry between the lead actors and the emotional depth of the narrative. The show’s portrayal of love, sacrifice, and redemption resonates deeply, evoking a rollercoaster of emotions. Social media buzzes with discussions on plot twists and character developments, showcasing the widespread engagement it has garnered. Fans eagerly anticipate each episode, eager to unravel the complexities of relationships depicted in this compelling drama. “Tere Ishq Ke Naam” has undeniably struck a chord with its audience, becoming a must-watch phenomenon.


“Tere Ishq Ke Naam” is a remarkable addition to Pakistani television, combining stellar performances, adept direction, and a compelling narrative. The drama not only entertains but also provokes thought and discussion on important social themes. Its success is a reflection of the collective effort of the cast and crew, making it a standout production in the industry.

The depth and complexity of the characters, the rich thematic content, and the visual and emotional appeal of the drama ensure that “Tere Ishq Ke Naam” leaves a lasting impression on its viewers.

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