Pas-e-Deewar Drama Review, “Pas-e-Deewar”  in the rich tapestry of Pakistani television dramas, “Pas-e-Deewar” stands out as a shining gem, captivating audiences with its compelling narrative, stellar performances, and thought-provoking themes. This article endeavors to explore the various facets of this masterpiece, from its inception to its impact on Pakistani society and the global television landscape.

Pas-e-Deewar Drama Review

Pas-e-Deewar  Drama Story:

“Pas-e-Deewar” intricately weaves the lives of Shabbir Aslam and Ajala Iftikhar, whose union becomes a battleground between tradition and progress. Shabbir, an aspiring individual from humble beginnings, marries Ajala, daughter of the affluent and conservative Iftikhar Hussain. Their love story unfolds against the backdrop of familial discord and societal expectations.

As Shabbir and Ajala strive to bridge the gap between their worlds, they confront challenges that test the strength of their bond. Iftikhar Hussain’s authority looms large, imposing traditional values that clash with Shabbir’s modern outlook. The drama intensifies as secrets unravel, exposing fractures within the families.

Amidst the turmoil, the Zaman family stands as a beacon of compassion and wisdom, offering solace amidst the chaos. Through love, betrayal, and redemption, “Pas-e-Deewar” delves into the complexities of human relationships and the quest for identity.

As the story unfolds, Shabbir and Ajala navigate a tumultuous journey of self-discovery, ultimately finding strength in their love for each other. Their resilience in the face of adversity serves as a testament to the enduring power of love to transcend barriers and unite hearts. In the end, “Pas-e-Deewar” leaves viewers with a message of hope and resilience, reminding us that true love can conquer even the deepest divides.

Pas-e-Deewar Drama Review


Pas-e-Deewar Drama Main Cast:

  1. Ali Rehman Khan as Shabbir Aslam: Ali Rehman Khan portrays Shabbir Aslam, a young man whose journey from optimism to disillusionment forms the crux of the drama. Khan’s portrayal captures Shabbir’s emotional complexities and struggles with remarkable depth.
  2. Noor Zafar Khan as Ajala Iftikhar: Noor Zafar Khan embodies Ajala Iftikhar, a strong and independent woman navigating the complexities of familial and marital relationships. Khan’s performance showcases Ajala’s resilience and inner strength.
  3. Arsalan Naseer as Iftikhar Hussain: Arsalan Naseer brings depth to the character of Iftikhar Hussain, the patriarch torn between tradition and modernity. Naseer’s portrayal humanizes Iftikhar, revealing his vulnerabilities beneath his authoritative exterior.
  4. Saleem Sheikh as Hamid Zaman: Saleem Sheikh portrays Hamid Zaman, the compassionate patriarch of the Zaman family. Sheikh’s performance exudes warmth and wisdom, making him a beloved figure in the drama.
  5. Nadia Afgan as Najm un Nisa: Nadia Afgan embodies Najm un Nisa, the matriarch whose unwavering love and guidance anchor the Zaman family. Afgan’s portrayal captures Najm un Nisa’s strength and resilience.

Pas-e-Deewar Drama Ratings:

“Pas-e-Deewar” has received widespread acclaim from critics and audiences alike, earning high ratings for its compelling narrative, stellar performances, and thought-provoking themes. With its realistic portrayal of complex human emotions and relationships, the drama has resonated deeply with viewers, sparking discussions and debates on social media platforms. Its success is further solidified by numerous awards and nominations, affirming its status as a masterpiece of Pakistani television drama. With consistently high viewership ratings, “Pas-e-Deewar” has left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of audiences, cementing its place as one of the most celebrated dramas in recent memory.

Pas-e-Deewar Drama Timings:

Pas-e-Deewar,” drama  airing on Green Entertainment, captivates viewers every Friday at 8:00 pm with its enthralling narrative and stellar performances.

Pas-e-Deewar Drama Director:

Pas-e-Deewar” is masterfully directed by Sabeeh Ahmed, whose visionary approach brings depth and authenticity to the narrative. Through meticulous attention to detail and innovative storytelling techniques, Ahmed breathes life into the characters, crafting a captivating viewing experience. His directorial prowess is evident in the seamless integration of visuals, music, and performances, elevating the drama to new heights of excellence. With Sabeeh Ahmed at the helm, “Pas-e-Deewar” transcends the confines of traditional television dramas, leaving a lasting impact on audiences and cementing its status as a landmark production in Pakistani television.

Critical Reception:

“Pas-e-Deewar” has garnered widespread critical acclaim, praised for its compelling narrative, nuanced character portrayals, and exploration of societal themes. Critics have lauded the performances of the cast, particularly Ali Rehman Khan and Noor Zafar Khan, for their ability to bring depth and authenticity to their roles. The drama’s realistic portrayal of complex human emotions and relationships has resonated with audiences, sparking discussions and debates on social media platforms. Furthermore, its seamless blending of traditional values with modern sensibilities has been commended for its relevance and relatability. With its high viewership ratings and numerous awards and nominations, “Pas-e-Deewar” stands as a testament to the enduring impact of Pakistani television drama on both local and international audiences.


“Pas-e-Deewar” stands as a testament to the power of storytelling to transcend borders and cultures, offering audiences a glimpse into the complexities of human nature and societal dynamics. With its compelling narrative, stellar performances, and thought-provoking themes, the drama leaves an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of viewers, reaffirming the enduring relevance and impact of Pakistani television drama in the global landscape.

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