Nand Drama Review: “Nand” is a popular Pakistani drama series that captivated audiences with its compelling storyline, strong performances, and engaging portrayal of intricate familial dynamics. This drama, directed by Syed Zeeshan Ali Zaidi and produced by Ali Kazmi and Fahad Mustafa, Entertainment & MD Productions, aired on ARY Digital, one of Pakistan’s leading television channels. It explores themes of jealousy, betrayal, and the complex relationships within a joint family structure.

Nand Drama Review

Nand Pakistani Drama Story:

“Nand” unfolds as a compelling drama steeped in emotion and family dynamics. At its core is the complex relationship between Rabi and Gohar, where Gohar, Rabi’s sister-in-law, becomes the pivotal “nand” (sister-in-law) character. Saqib, Gohar’s younger brother, is married to Rabi, setting the stage for intense familial conflicts.

Gohar, unable to accept Rabi’s presence in her brother’s life, orchestrates various issues to disrupt their marriage. Her actions stem from deep-seated jealousy and a desire to maintain control over her brother’s affection and attention. This rivalry intensifies as Jahangir, Gohar’s husband and Rabi’s brother-in-law, becomes entangled in the family dynamics.

As the story progresses, unforeseen circumstances lead to Jahangir marrying Rabi after facing marital discord with Gohar. This twist not only complicates the relationships further but also deepens the emotional turmoil within the household. “Nand” explores themes of betrayal, jealousy, and the consequences of familial expectations, portraying a poignant narrative of love, ambition, and conflicting loyalties amidst the backdrop of intricate family ties in Pakistani society.

Nand Drama Review

Nand Pakistani Drama Cast:

1. Shahroz Sabzwari as Saqib:

 Character Description: Saqib is portrayed as a caring husband initially, but his character undergoes significant development as the story progresses. His relationship with his wife, Rabi, becomes strained due to external influences and misunderstandings.

¬†Role in the Story: Saqib’s journey in “Nand” explores themes of loyalty, betrayal, and personal growth as he navigates the challenges within his marital and familial relationships.

2. Minal Khan as Rabi:

Character Description: Rabi is one of the central characters, depicted as a loving wife who faces challenges within her marital life. Her journey is marked by resilience as she navigates the complexities of her relationships.

Role in the Story: Rabi’s character in “Nand” highlights the impact of jealousy and societal expectations on women within a joint family structure, showcasing her strength and determination amidst adversity.

3. Aijaz Aslam as Jahangir:

Character Description: Jahangir is the head of the household, portrayed with authority and traditional values. His decisions shape the course of events within the family, often impacting the dynamics between characters.

Role in the Story: Jahangir’s character serves as a catalyst for conflict and resolution, reflecting on themes of responsibility, patriarchal norms, and the consequences of his actions on those around him.

4. Faiza Hasan and Javeria Saud as Gohar:

Character Description: Gohar plays a pivotal role in the narrative, influencing the dynamics between the main protagonists and adding layers of complexity to the storyline.

Role in the Story: Gohar’s interactions with Rabi and Saqib contribute to the tension and drama within the household, revealing her motivations and the impact of her decisions on family relationships.

5. Maha Hasan as Farwa:

Character Description: Farwa’s character contributes to the family dynamics, showcasing the interactions between the younger generation and their impact on the household’s atmosphere.

Role in the Story: Farwa’s role in “Nand” likely reflects on themes of generational differences, modernity versus tradition, and the evolving dynamics within extended family structures.

6. Ayaz Samoo as Hasan:

Character Description: Hasan’s character provides comic relief at times but also serves as a supportive presence within the family, highlighting the bonds beyond immediate relationships.

Role in the Story: Hasan’s portrayal in “Nand” adds light-hearted moments amidst the drama, offering insights into familial ties and the importance of unity during challenging times.

7. Sumbul Shahid as Nasreen:

Character Description: Nasreen’s character potentially adds depth to the family dynamics, possibly serving as a voice of reason or traditional values within the household.

Role in the Story: Nasreen’s role in “Nand” likely contributes to the moral compass of the family, offering perspectives on ethical dilemmas and the consequences of decisions made by other characters.

8. Saima Qureshi as Naima:

Character Description: Naima’s role in the drama would be interesting to explore, as she might offer perspectives on the events unfolding within the family.

Role in the Story: Naima’s character in “Nand” potentially explores themes of female solidarity, personal growth, and the impact of external influences on individual choices within a familial context.

9. Hamzah Tariq Jamil as Shahzaib:

Character Description: Shahzaib’s character likely interacts with the main protagonists, contributing to the narrative’s progression.

Role in the Story: Shahzaib’s role in “Nand” may reflect on themes of friendship, loyalty, and the challenges faced by younger generations in balancing tradition with modernity within the family structure.

10. Kamran Jilani as Dilawar Ali Shah:

Character Description: Dilawar Ali Shah’s character might serve as a contrasting figure to Jahangir, possibly representing differing ideologies or perspectives.

Role in the Story: Dilawar Ali Shah’s portrayal in “Nand” adds layers to the narrative, exploring themes of power dynamics, conflicting interests, and the complexities of relationships within the extended family.

11. Sabiha Hashmi as Jahangir’s Mother:

Character Description: Jahangir’s mother likely plays a significant role in shaping his character and influencing family decisions.

Role in the Story: Jahangir’s mother’s character in “Nand” could provide insights into familial traditions, matriarchal influence, and the intergenerational transfer of values within the household.

Nand Pakistani Drama Rating:

Nand,” the Pakistani drama, has received acclaim for its compelling storyline and nuanced portrayal of familial relationships. It has garnered positive ratings for its engaging narrative that explores themes of jealousy, betrayal, and the intricate dynamics within a joint family setting. The performances by the cast, including Shahroz Sabzwari, Minal Khan, Aijaz Aslam, and others, have been widely praised for their authenticity and emotional depth. Viewers have been captivated by the drama’s ability to resonate with societal norms while delivering impactful storytelling. “Nand” continues to maintain strong viewership and critical acclaim, solidifying its place as a significant cultural phenomenon in Pakistani television.

Nand Pakistani Drama Timing:

Nand,” drama airing on ARY Digital, captivates viewers every Monday to Thursday at 7:00 pm with its intense family drama and compelling storyline.

Nand Pakistani Drama Director:

Nand,” directed by Syed Zeeshan Ali Zaidi, intricately explores the complexities of familial relationships and societal expectations. Zaidi’s direction breathes life into the characters, skillfully navigating through themes of jealousy, betrayal, and emotional turmoil within a joint family structure. His nuanced approach to storytelling and attention to detail amplify the drama’s impact, drawing viewers into the intricate web of conflicts and resolutions. With a blend of emotional depth and engaging narrative pacing, Zaidi ensures that “Nand” captivates audiences, making it a compelling addition to Pakistani television. His directorial vision enriches the drama, portraying human emotions with authenticity and resonance.

Nand Pakistani Drama Audience Response:

“Nand” has garnered positive reviews from critics and viewers alike for its compelling storyline, strong performances, and realistic portrayal of familial dynamics. The drama’s ability to resonate with audiences and provoke discussions about relationships, trust, and societal expectations has contributed to its popularity and acclaim within the Pakistani television industry. Viewers appreciate the depth of character development and the nuanced exploration of themes such as jealousy and betrayal, making “Nand” a standout drama that continues to engage and captivate a wide audience, reflecting its relevance and impact on contemporary viewership trends.


“Nand” emerges as a standout Pakistani television drama that captivates audiences with its compelling narrative, nuanced character portrayals, and exploration of complex familial dynamics. Through its exploration of themes such as jealousy, betrayal, and the impact of traditional values on modern relationships, “Nand” drama resonates with viewers by offering insights into human emotions and societal expectations.

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