Mohabbat Na Kariyo Drama Review, “Mohabbat Na Kariyo” in the realm of Pakistani television, where captivating narratives and stellar performances are cherished, “Mohabbat Na Kariyo” has emerged as a beacon of excellence. Airing on GEO TV, this enthralling drama has captured the hearts of audiences with its gripping storyline, intricate characters, and emotional depth. In this extensive analysis, we delve into the multifaceted aspects of “Mohabbat Na Kariyo,” exploring its esteemed cast, commendable ratings, and the directorial prowess that has made it a standout in the world of Pakistani television.

mohabbat na kariyo Drama Review

Mohabbat Na Kariyo Drama Story:

“Mohabbat Na Kariyo” is a captivating Pakistani drama airing on GEO TV, weaving a tale of love, betrayal, and redemption. At its core is the story of Zara, a young woman who believes in the power of love but finds herself entangled in a web of deceit. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she crosses paths with Asad, a man torn between duty and desire. As their romance blossoms, they must navigate the challenges and obstacles that threaten to tear them apart.

Alongside Zara and Asad are a cast of compelling characters, each with their own secrets and desires. Rabia, Zara’s loyal friend, offers unwavering support amidst the chaos, while Nida grapples with her own demons and desires. As the drama unfolds, secrets are revealed, alliances are tested, and hearts are broken, leading to a series of unexpected twists and turns.

Set against the backdrop of contemporary Pakistani society, “Mohabbat Na Kariyo” explores the complexities of love and relationships in a world where trust is elusive and betrayal is ever-present. With its compelling storyline and talented cast, the drama captivates audiences week after week, leaving them eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this emotional saga.

Mohabbat Na Kariyo Drama Cast:

Hira Mani as Zara: At the heart of “Mohabbat Na Kariyo” is Hira Mani’s portrayal of Zara, a character whose journey is marked by love, loss, and resilience. Mani’s performance as Zara is nothing short of mesmerizing, as she effortlessly embodies the complexities of a young woman navigating the tumultuous waters of romance and betrayal. With her impeccable acting chops and undeniable charisma, Mani brings Zara to life with authenticity and depth, earning her praise from audiences and critics alike.

Junaid Khan as Asad: Opposite Hira Mani’s Zara is Junaid Khan’s Asad, a character torn between duty and desire. Khan’s portrayal of Asad is nuanced and compelling, as he deftly navigates the intricate emotions and moral dilemmas faced by his character. From moments of vulnerability to displays of strength and resolve, Khan delivers a performance that is as captivating as it is poignant, drawing viewers into Asad’s tumultuous journey of love and self-discovery.

Zarnish Khan as Rabia: Zarnish Khan shines in the role of Rabia, Zara’s loyal friend and confidante. With her warm presence and genuine sincerity, Khan breathes life into the character of Rabia, offering unwavering support and guidance to Zara in her times of need. Khan’s portrayal is imbued with empathy and depth, making Rabia a beloved character among viewers and adding a layer of heartwarming camaraderie to the narrative.

Mariyam Nafees as Nida: Mariyam Nafees delivers a standout performance as Nida, a character whose journey is marked by complexity and intrigue. Nafees infuses Nida with depth and vulnerability, portraying her as a woman grappling with her own desires and insecurities.

Ali Ansari as Asad’s Cousin: Ali Ansari captivates audiences as Asad’s cousin, adding depth and complexity to the narrative with his compelling performance. Ansari brings a sense of ambiguity to his character, as he navigates the blurred lines between loyalty and betrayal. His portrayal is marked by conflicting emotions and moral dilemmas, making his character a captivating addition to the ensemble cast.

Mehmood Akhtar as Zara’s Father: Mehmood Akhtar lends gravitas to the role of Zara’s father, infusing the character with wisdom and paternal warmth. Akhtar’s performance adds depth to the familial dynamics within the narrative, as he navigates the challenges and joys of fatherhood with authenticity and grace.

Atiqa Odho as Tasneem: Atiqa Odho brings depth and complexity to the character of Tasneem, adding layers of intrigue to the storyline with her nuanced performance. Odho’s portrayal is marked by a sense of mystery and ambiguity, as she navigates the complexities of her character’s motivations and desires.

Arsalan Faisal as Nida’s Husband: Arsalan Faisal rounds out the ensemble cast with his portrayal of Nida’s husband, adding another layer of complexity to the narrative. Faisal’s performance is marked by moments of vulnerability and strength, as he grapples with the challenges of marriage and fidelity.

Mohabbat Na Kariyo Drama Ratings:

“Mohabbat Na Kariyo” on GEO TV has garnered impressive ratings, averaging 8.8 out of 10. This exceptional rating speaks to the drama’s widespread popularity and the high regard it holds among viewers. Audiences have been captivated by the compelling storyline, nuanced performances, and emotional depth of the series. Each episode delivers riveting twists and turns that keep viewers hooked, contributing to the show’s consistent success. With its engaging narrative and talented cast, “Mohabbat Na Kariyo” continues to resonate with audiences, solidifying its status as a top-rated Pakistani drama.

Mohabbat Na Kariyo Drama Timings:

Mohabbat Na Kariyo,” the Pakistani drama on GEO TV, airs every Friday at 8:00 PM, captivating audiences with its compelling storyline and talented cast.

Mohabbat Na Kariyo Drama Director:

“Mohabbat Na Kariyo,” the Pakistani drama on GEO TV, is  directed by Syed Ahmed Kamran. With his keen eye for storytelling and cinematic flair, Kamran brings the intricate plotlines and complex characters to life with depth and authenticity. His directorial vision infuses each episode with emotional resonance and visual flair, captivating audiences week after week. Under Kamran’s guidance, the drama unfolds with gripping intensity, exploring themes of love, betrayal, and redemption against the backdrop of contemporary Pakistani society. As a result, “Mohabbat Na Kariyo” stands as a shining example of Kamran’s directorial prowess and the excellence of Pakistani television.


“Mohabbat Na Kariyo” stands as a shining example of the best that Pakistani television has to offer. With its stellar cast, compelling storyline, and skilled direction, the drama has captivated viewers and critics alike, earning its place as a modern classic in the pantheon of Pakistani dramas. As the series continues to unfold, it remains a testament to the power of storytelling to entertain, inspire, and provoke thought.

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