Mohabbat Chor Di Maine Drama Review: “Mohabbat Chor Di Maine” in the realm of Pakistani television dramas, where intricate narratives and powerful performances converge to reflect societal norms and human emotions, “Mohabbat Chor Di Maine” emerges as a compelling exploration of betrayal and arrogance within the context of marriage. Directed by Shaqielle Khan and written by Naila Ansari, this drama presents a poignant portrayal of a married couple whose lives are shattered by infidelity and the complexities of pride.

Mohabbat Chor Di Maine Drama Review

Mohabbat Chor Di Maine Drama Story:

Mohabbat Chor Di Maine” intricately weaves a narrative around the lives of Komal and Omer, a married couple whose relationship is shattered by betrayal and tested by pride. Komal, portrayed by Hajra Yamin, embodies the role of a devoted wife whose world collapses when she discovers her husband Omer, played by Mohsin Abbas Haider, has been unfaithful. Omer’s involvement with Sehar (Mariyam Nafees) leads to a devastating revelation that thrusts Komal into a whirlwind of emotions ranging from disbelief to anguish.

The drama delves deep into Komal’s journey as she confronts Omer’s infidelity with a mixture of hurt and an initially perceived arrogance that masks her pain. Her character evolves as she navigates the aftermath of betrayal, grappling with questions of trust, forgiveness, and self-worth. Omer, meanwhile, battles his own demons of guilt and remorse, torn between his actions and his desire to salvage his marriage.

Set against the backdrop of familial expectations and societal norms, “Mohabbat Chor Di Maine” explores themes of moral integrity, personal growth, and the fragile dynamics of marriage. The storyline is enriched by supporting characters like Hazim (Farhan Ahmed Malhi), Komal’s confidante, and Shehnaz (Seemi Pasha), Komal’s mother, whose perspectives add layers to the emotional landscape of the drama. As the narrative unfolds, viewers are drawn into a poignant portrayal of love tested by betrayal and the complexities of human relationships.

Mohabbat Chor Di Maine Drama Review

Mohabbat Chor Di Maine Drama Cast:

1. Hajra Yamin as Komal:

Character Description: Komal is portrayed as a devoted wife whose life is turned upside down by betrayal. Hajra Yamin brings depth and emotional complexity to Komal’s character as she navigates the aftermath of her husband’s infidelity.

2. Mohsin Abbas Haider as Omer:

Character Description: Initially depicted as a loving husband, Omer’s character undergoes transformation when he becomes involved in an extramarital affair. Mohsin Abbas Haider portrays Omer’s journey of guilt, remorse, and redemption with authenticity.

3. Mariyam Nafees as Sehar:

Character Description: Sehar plays a pivotal role as Omer’s love interest outside of his marriage to Komal. Mariyam Nafees adds intrigue to the storyline, complicating the emotional dynamics between the characters.

4. Farhan Ahmed Malhi as Hazim:

Character Description: Hazim is Komal’s supportive friend who stands by her side during her emotional turmoil. Farhan Ahmed Malhi’s portrayal of Hazim offers stability and comfort to Komal amidst her marital crisis.

5. Seemi Pasha as Shehnaz:

Character Description: Shehnaz portrays Komal’s mother, providing maternal wisdom and support during her daughter’s struggles. Seemi Pasha’s performance adds warmth and familial depth to the narrative.

6. Haris Waheed as Bazil:

Character Description: Bazil’s role in the drama influences the storyline significantly, contributing to the emotional and plot dynamics portrayed in “Mohabbat Chor Di Maine.”

7. Zainab Qayyum as Tabinda:

Character Description: Tabinda is Omer’s mother, torn between family expectations and her son’s choices. Zainab Qayyum’s portrayal explores the complexities of maternal love and personal integrity.

8. Fareeha Jabeen as Fouzia:

Character Description: Fouzia is Komal’s confidante and close friend, offering unwavering support and empathy during her friend’s emotional turmoil.

9. Fahima Awan as Aniba:

Character Description: Aniba is Omer’s colleague, whose presence adds layers to his professional and personal life. Fahima Awan’s performance highlights workplace dynamics and external influences on Omer.

10. Mohsin Aijaz as Sarfaraz:

Character Description: Sarfaraz serves as a mentor figure offering guidance and perspective to the characters, particularly Komal and Omer.

11. Rushna Khan as Zaini:

Character Description: Zaini’s actions and decisions influence the course of events in the drama, contributing to its emotional and narrative tension.

12. Tariq Jameel as Mohsin:

Character Description: Mohsin represents a voice of reason and moral authority within the drama, guiding the protagonists towards introspection and moral clarity.

13. Manahil Naveed as Filza:

Character Description: Filza’s role adds depth to the supporting cast, contributing to the overall narrative richness of “Mohabbat Chor Di Maine.”

Mohabbat Chor Di Maine Drama Rating:

Mohabbat Chor Di Maine” has captivated audiences and critics alike with its compelling storyline and stellar performances, earning a commendable rating of 8.4/10. The drama’s portrayal of betrayal, redemption, and the intricacies of marital relationships has resonated deeply with viewers, drawing praise for its emotional depth and narrative intensity. Hajra Yamin and Mohsin Abbas Haider’s nuanced portrayals, supported by a talented cast including Mariyam Nafees and Farhan Ahmed Malhi, have been lauded for their authenticity and emotional resonance. With its thought-provoking exploration of moral dilemmas and personal growth, “Mohabbat Chor Di Maine” stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of Pakistani dramas in portraying the complexities of human emotions.

Mohabbat Chor Di Maine Drama Timing:

Mohabbat Chor Di Maine” drama airs on GEO TV daily at 9 PM, captivating audiences with its compelling storyline and powerful performances.

Mohabbat Chor Di Maine Drama Director:

Mohabbat Chor Di Maine,” directed by Shaqielle Khan, unfolds a compelling narrative centered around love, betrayal, and redemption. The drama intricately weaves together the lives of its characters, led by Hajra Yamin as Komal and Mohsin Abbas Haider as Omer, navigating the complexities of relationships and societal expectations. Shaqielle Khan’s direction brings forth a blend of emotional depth and dramatic intensity, capturing the essence of each character’s journey with finesse. Set against a backdrop of conflicting emotions and moral dilemmas, the drama explores themes of trust, forgiveness, and the consequences of choices made in the name of love.


“Mohabbat Chor Di Maine” emerges as a standout Pakistani drama that explores the complexities of betrayal, arrogance, and redemption within the framework of marriage. Directed by Shaqielle Khan and featuring a talented ensemble cast, the drama captivates audiences with its compelling storyline, nuanced character portrayals, and exploration of profound emotional themes. As Pakistani television continues to evolve as a powerful medium for storytelling, “Mohabbat Chor Di Maine” stands as a testament to the enduring appeal and impact of dramas that delve deep into the human experience.

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