Mera Yaar  Mila De Drama Review: “Mera Yaar Mila De”  is a critically acclaimed romantic Pakistani drama series that aired in 2016. The drama is directed by Anjum Shehzad, a renowned director known for his exceptional storytelling abilities and his knack for bringing out powerful performances from his actors. Written by  Mushtaq Mansoor, the series is a poignant exploration of love, sacrifice, societal norms, and family dynamics. This in-depth analysis will cover the cast, ratings, director’s vision, narrative structure, thematic elements, critical reception, and cultural impact of “Mera Yaar Mila De.”

 Mera Yaar Miladay Drama Review

Mera Yaar Mila De Drama Story:

Mera Yaar Mila De” is a romantic Pakistani drama that tells the story of Dabbu and Mushk, whose love faces numerous challenges. Dabbu, played by Faysal Quraishi, is a street-smart and resilient man deeply in love with the innocent and strong-willed Mushk, portrayed by Sajal Ali. Their romance blossoms against a backdrop of societal norms and family expectations that threaten to keep them apart.

Mushk’s journey from innocence to determination is central to the narrative, as she defies societal pressures to stay true to her love for Dabbu. Complicating their relationship is Fahad, portrayed by Ahmed Ali Akbar, who is torn between his love for Mushk and his sense of duty to his family. This love triangle adds depth and tension to the story.

Supporting characters like Mehru, played by Faryal Mehmood, and Master Ji, portrayed by Firdous Jamal, add layers to the plot with their own struggles and wisdom. Mehru’s fight for personal happiness against societal constraints and Master Ji’s guidance are pivotal to the narrative.

Directed by Anjum Shehzad, “Mera Yaar Mila De” explores themes of love, sacrifice, and societal pressure, presenting a touching and compelling romantic drama that highlights the resilience of love against all odds.

 Mera Yaar Miladay Drama Review

Mera Yaar Mila De Drama Cast:

1.Faysal Quraishi as Dabbu
Faysal Quraishi plays Dabbu, a street-smart and resilient character. Dabbu is known for his loyalty and resourcefulness, navigating numerous challenges to protect and support his loved ones. Quraishi’s portrayal captures Dabbu’s internal conflicts and his deep sense of love and responsibility.

2.Sajal Ali as Mushk
Sajal Ali portrays Mushk, a character defined by her innocence and inner strength. Mushk’s journey from a naive girl to a determined woman who stands up against societal pressures and familial expectations is central to the drama. Ali’s nuanced performance brings authenticity to her character’s evolution.

3.Ahmed Ali Akbar as Fahad
Ahmed Ali Akbar plays Fahad, a character torn between his love for Mushk and his familial duties. Fahad’s internal struggle and his attempts to balance personal desires with responsibilities add complexity to the love triangle in the drama. Akbar’s subtle yet impactful performance captures Fahad’s dilemma effectively.

4.Faryal Mehmood as Mehru
Faryal Mehmood’s Mehru is characterized by resilience and determination. Mehru fights against societal norms and pursues personal happiness, showcasing her journey of empowerment. Mehmood’s portrayal is inspiring, adding depth to the narrative.

5.Firdous Jamal as Master Ji
Firdous Jamal plays Master Ji, a wise and principled elder who serves as a guiding figure for the younger characters. His moral integrity and wisdom significantly influence the decisions and actions of others in the drama. Jamal’s performance adds gravitas and credibility to the role.

6.Zeba Shehnaz as Salma
Zeba Shehnaz portrays Salma, Mushk’s supportive yet concerned mother. Her character faces the challenges of protecting her daughter within a patriarchal society. Shehnaz’s performance highlights the generational conflicts and emotional depth of her character.

7.Hina Rizvi as Bibbo Begum
Hina Rizvi’s Bibbo Begum is a matriarchal figure whose presence adds both humor and tension to the narrative. Rizvi’s portrayal provides a counterbalance to the more serious themes explored in the drama, adding an entertaining dynamic.

8.Saleem Mairaj as Aslam
Saleem Mairaj plays Aslam, a character marked by loyalty and cunning. His unpredictable nature makes Aslam a pivotal character in the story, and Mairaj’s performance adds an element of suspense to the drama.

9.Saba Faisal as Fahad’s Mother
Saba Faisal portrays Fahad’s mother with grace and authority. Her character’s journey from opposition to acceptance of her son’s choices is portrayed convincingly, adding a layer of familial conflict and emotional complexity to the drama.

10.Jinaan Hussain as Isra
Jinaan Hussain plays Isra, a character filled with ambition and passion. Her performance brings out the complexities and aspirations of Isra, making her a significant figure in the narrative.

11.Nida Mumtaz as Isra’s Mother
Nida Mumtaz portrays Isra’s mother, who is characterized by her traditional views and protective nature. Mumtaz’s performance highlights the generational and ideological conflicts within the drama.

12.Beena Chaudhary as Mehru’s Mother
Beena Chaudhary’s portrayal of Mehru’s mother adds emotional depth to Mehru’s storyline. Her supportive yet concerned nature is well-executed, contributing to the richness of the drama’s character dynamics.

13.Syed Fazal Hussain
Syed Fazal Hussain’s role, though minor, contributes to the overall narrative. His performance, like those of his co-stars, is commendable and adds to the richness of the drama.

Mera Yaar Mila De Drama Rating:

“Mera Yaar Mila De” is a highly praised Pakistani drama, boasting a notable rating of 8.8/10. Directed by Anjum Shehzad, the series stars Faysal Quraishi as Dabbu and Sajal Ali as Mushk, whose love story is tested by societal and familial pressures. The drama stands out for its compelling narrative, strong performances, and emotional depth. Themes of love, sacrifice, and resilience are expertly woven into the story, resonating with viewers. The high rating reflects the show’s excellent direction, well-developed characters, and its ability to connect with audiences on a profound level, making it a memorable and impactful viewing experience.

Mera Yaar Mila De Drama Timing:

Mera Yaar Mila De” airs on ARY Digital every Monday at 8:00 pm, captivating audiences with its compelling narrative and stellar performances.

Mera Yaar Mila De Drama Director:

Mera Yaar Mila De,” directed by Anjum Shehzad, is a Pakistani drama that intricately weaves together the lives of its characters, navigating the complexities of love, sacrifice, and societal expectations. Shehzad’s expert direction brings depth and emotional resonance to the storyline, allowing the audience to immerse themselves in the intricacies of each character’s journey. Through his skilled craftsmanship, Shehzad brings out powerful performances from the cast, ensuring that every scene is both compelling and thought-provoking. With his keen eye for detail and ability to capture the essence of human emotions, Shehzad elevates “Mera Yaar Mila De ” to a poignant and unforgettable viewing experience for audiences on ARY Digital.


“Mera Yaar Mila De” stands out as a remarkable drama in the landscape of Pakistani television. Its exploration of love, sacrifice, societal norms, and family dynamics, combined with outstanding performances and adept direction, make it a memorable and impactful series. The drama’s success and positive reception highlight the importance of storytelling that resonates with audiences on an emotional and cultural level. Through its characters and narrative, “Mera Yaar Mila De” offers a poignant reflection on the complexities of human relationships and the enduring power of love.

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