Mehroom Drama Review: “Mehroom” is a captivating Pakistani drama that has taken the audience by storm with its intricate storytelling, powerful performances, and deep exploration of familial relationships under the strain of a controlling patriarch. Directed by the talented Mazhar Moin, and writer by Radain Shah, this drama unfolds a tale of chaos, love, and unexpected outcomes. In this extensive article, we will delve into the cast, ratings, and the visionary direction that have made “Mehroom” a standout series in the realm of Pakistani television.

Mehroom Drama Review

Mehroom Pakistani Drama Story:

Mehroom” is a riveting Pakistani drama that dives deep into the complexities of relationships, masterfully exploring themes of love, trust, and the damage caused by doubt. The story centers around Zaira, played by Hina Altaf, a modern, independent woman who marries Umair, portrayed by Junaid Khan. Their love is put to the test by Umair’s controlling father, Zahid, played by Kashif Mahmood, whose authoritarian rule breeds mistrust and discord within the family.

As Zahid’s rigid control disrupts the household, Zaira and Umair’s relationship faces increasing strain. The drama delves into the destructive power of doubt, as Zahid’s manipulations and suspicions erode the foundation of their love. Saad, Umair’s rebellious younger brother, further complicates matters with his defiance, symbolizing the struggle for freedom against oppressive authority.

The family’s matriarch, Safia, portrayed by Lubna Aslam, anchors the narrative with her quiet strength, striving to maintain unity amidst chaos. Alongside her, characters like Nasreen, Nighat, and Zoya add layers of tension and intrigue, highlighting the fragility of trust.

“Mehroom” poignantly illustrates how love and trust can be tested by external pressures and internal insecurities. The drama ultimately underscores the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of understanding and forgiveness in healing relationships damaged by doubt.

Mehroom Drama Review

Mehroom Pakistani Drama Cast:

1. Hina Altaf as Zaira

Zaira is a modern, independent woman who struggles to find her place in a traditional household. Hina Altaf portrays Zaira with nuance, capturing her resilience and vulnerability as she navigates the challenges posed by her controlling in-laws.

2. Junaid Khan as Umair

Umair is Zaira’s loving husband, caught between his affection for his wife and his duty towards his authoritarian father, Zahid. Junaid Khan’s performance brings depth to Umair’s internal conflicts and his journey towards becoming a supportive partner.

3. Hashaam Khan as Saad

Saad is Umair’s younger brother, a rebellious and free-spirited individual who openly defies Zahid’s strict rules. Hashaam Khan’s portrayal of Saad adds a sense of defiance and youthful energy to the series.

4. Lubna Aslam as Safia

Safia, played by Lubna Aslam, is the long-suffering wife of Zahid and the mother of Umair and Saad. She is the emotional anchor of the family, providing quiet strength and resilience amidst the chaos.

5. Kashif Mahmood as Zahid

Zahid is the controlling patriarch whose rigid views create turmoil within the family. Kashif Mahmood’s compelling performance adds layers to Zahid’s character, portraying him as both a tyrant and a man grappling with his own insecurities.

6. Juvaria Abbasi as Nasreen

Nasreen is Zahid’s outspoken sister, whose fiery nature often leads to clashes within the household. Juvaria Abbasi’s portrayal brings boldness and assertiveness to the character, highlighting underlying family tensions.

7. Humaira Bano as Nighat

Nighat, played by Humaira Bano, is a relative who often adds to the household’s dynamics with her presence. Her character contributes to the complex web of relationships and conflicts in the family.

8. Sana Nadir as Zoya

Zoya is Umair’s ex-fiancée, whose re-entry into his life stirs feelings of jealousy and insecurity in Zaira. Sana Nadir’s portrayal adds an additional layer of tension to the story.

9. Hafsa Butt as Narmin

Narmin, played by Hafsa Butt, is Rukhsana’s free-spirited daughter. Her bond with Saad and her modern outlook often put her at odds with Zahid, adding fresh perspectives to the narrative.

10. Ayesha Gul as Rukhsana

Rukhsana is Zahid’s empathetic younger sister who plays a crucial role in facilitating his transformation. Ayesha Gul’s performance is marked by compassion and understanding, making Rukhsana a pivotal character.

11. Zohreh Amir as Naveen

Naveen, portrayed by Zohreh Amir, is Nasreen’s daughter. She brings a sense of hope and optimism, navigating the family conflicts with grace and resilience.

12. Sofia Khan as Bakhtawar

Bakhtawar, played by Sofia Khan, is Zaffar’s wife who becomes an ally for Safia and her children. Her character provides much-needed support and warmth amidst the family’s struggles.

13. Ali Tahir as Zaffar

Zaffar is Zahid’s cunning friend with ulterior motives. Ali Tahir’s portrayal is both charming and menacing, adding a layer of intrigue and conflict to the series.

Mehroom Pakistani Drama Rating:

Mehroom,” the Pakistani drama directed by Mazhar Moin, has received widespread acclaim and high ratings for its compelling narrative and powerful performances. The series delves into the intricate dynamics of a family torn apart by the controlling nature of patriarch Zahid, portrayed by Kashif Mahmood, and the resilience of his wife Safia, played by Lubna Aslam. Hina Altaf’s portrayal of Zaira and Junaid Khan’s depiction of Umair add depth to the storyline, exploring themes of love, betrayal, and familial bonds. With its realistic portrayal of complex relationships and emotional depth, “Mehroom” continues to captivate audiences and stands out as a significant achievement in Pakistani television.

Mehroom Pakistani Drama Timing:

Mehroom,” drama airing on GEO TV daily at 9pm, explores the tumultuous dynamics of a family grappling with control and love.

Mehroom Pakistani Drama Director:

“Mehroom,” is a directed by Mazhar Moin, is a poignant Pakistani drama that navigates the complexities of familial relationships under the influence of a controlling patriarch. Moin’s direction brings depth and authenticity to the narrative, highlighting the emotional struggles and conflicts faced by each character. The series unfolds with a compelling storyline that delves into themes of love, sacrifice, and redemption amidst turmoil. Hina Altaf’s portrayal of Zaira and Junaid Khan’s depiction of Umair are complemented by a talented ensemble cast, making “Mehroom” a standout production on Pakistani television. Mazhar Moin’s vision ensures each episode resonates with viewers, provoking reflection on the impact of authority and the resilience of familial bonds.


“Mehroom” is a powerful exploration of familial relationships, control, and the transformative power of love and understanding. Under the masterful direction of Mazhar Moin, the drama brilliantly portrays how a family can overcome immense challenges through unity and empathy. The stellar performances by the cast, particularly Hina Altaf, Junaid Khan, and Kashif Mahmood, bring the story to life, making “Mehroom” a memorable and thought-provoking series.

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