Jhooti Drama Review, “Jhooti” Pakistani dramas have a unique charm that captivates audiences through intense emotional narratives, cultural resonance, and powerful character portrayals. One drama that made a significant impact in recent years is “Jhooti,” which aired in early 2020. With its thought-provoking storyline, complex characters, and critical reception, “Jhooti” stands out as a noteworthy example of modern Pakistani television.

Jhooti Drama Review

Jhooti Pakistani Drama Story:

“Jhooti” is a gripping Pakistani drama that centers around Nirma, a young woman whose life is characterized by an insatiable greed for wealth and luxury. Portrayed by Iqra Aziz, Nirma is a master manipulator, spinning webs of lies to achieve her materialistic dreams. Her deceitful nature is revealed early on as she traps Nasir (Ahmed Ali Butt), a kind-hearted and hardworking man, into marriage under false pretenses.

Nirma’s lies don’t end with her husband; she manipulates her family, including her morally upright brother Ali (Yasir Hussain), and deceives her former fiancé Majid (Qasim Khan). As the story unfolds, Nirma’s actions begin to unravel, causing turmoil and heartbreak for those around her. Her mother, Zubeida (Shaista Jabeen), and father, Akbar (Tauqeer Nasir), are torn between love for their daughter and the destruction she causes.

The drama explores the devastating consequences of Nirma’s deceit, highlighting the impact of her actions on her family and friends, including Nasir’s supportive sister Saman (Mariyam Nafees) and Nirma’s morally challenged brother-in-law Hashim (Syed Saim Ali). “Jhooti” is a cautionary tale about the ultimate cost of living a life built on lies and the importance of integrity and truth.

Jhooti Drama Review

Jhooti Pakistani Drama Cast:

1. Yasir Hussain as Ali:
Character Overview: Ali is Nirma’s brother, a character who serves as the moral compass in the drama. He frequently challenges Nirma’s deceitful actions, trying to guide her back to a path of honesty.
Actor Insight: Yasir Hussain’s portrayal of Ali brings a critical perspective to the drama, emphasizing integrity and ethical behavior amidst the chaos created by Nirma’s lies.

2. Iqra Aziz as Nirma:
Character Overview: Nirma is the protagonist whose life is characterized by lies and manipulations.
Actor Insight: Iqra Aziz delivers a powerful performance, capturing the complexity of Nirma’s character. She balances Nirma’s cunning nature with moments of vulnerability, making her a multi-dimensional and captivating figure.

3. Ahmed Ali Butt as Nasir:
Character Overview: Nasir is Nirma’s husband, a kind-hearted and hardworking man who becomes a victim of her deceit. His love and trust in Nirma lead to his emotional turmoil.
Actor Insight: Ahmed Ali Butt’s portrayal of Nasir is poignant, effectively conveying the pain and betrayal experienced by his character. His performance adds emotional depth to the drama.

4. Qasim Khan as Majid:
Character Overview: Majid is a secondary character who plays a significant role in the narrative. His interactions with the main characters add complexity to the storyline.
Actor Insight: Qasim Khan brings authenticity to Majid’s character, enhancing the overall narrative with his performance.

5. Madiha Rizvi as Zubia:
Character Overview: Zubia is another pivotal character whose relationship with the main characters influences the plot’s progression. She represents a voice of reason and support.
Actor Insight: Madiha Rizvi’s portrayal of Zubia is noted for its emotional resonance and strength, providing a counterbalance to Nirma’s deceitful nature.

6. Zahid Qureshi as Manzoor:
Character Overview: Manzoor is a key supporting character whose interactions with the main cast impact the storyline significantly.
Actor Insight: Zahid Qureshi’s performance as Manzoor is grounded and convincing, adding depth to the drama’s exploration of moral and ethical dilemmas.

7. Tauqeer Nasir as Akbar:
Character Overview: Akbar is Nirma’s father, struggling to come to terms with his daughter’s behavior. He embodies traditional values and the generational conflict within the family.
Actor Insight: Tauqeer Nasir’s portrayal of Akbar adds gravitas to the narrative, highlighting the emotional and moral struggles faced by the family.

8. Shaista Jabeen as Zubeida:
Character Overview: Zubeida is Nirma’s mother, torn between her love for her daughter and her disapproval of Nirma’s actions.
Actor Insight: Shaista Jabeen’s performance captures the nuances of a mother’s unconditional love and the heartbreak of seeing her child stray from moral values.

9. Paras Masroor as Ahmed:
Character Overview: Ahmed is a pivotal character whose past relationship with Nirma adds complexity to the storyline. His presence in the drama brings to light Nirma’s history and motivations.
Actor Insight: Paras Masroor’s portrayal of Ahmed is compelling, adding layers to the drama’s exploration of past and present conflicts.

10. Asma Abbas as Azra:
Character Overview: Azra is a significant supporting character who influences the main characters and their decisions. Her role is crucial in the unfolding of the drama’s events.
Actor Insight: Asma Abbas brings a strong presence to her role as Azra, contributing to the drama’s emotional depth and narrative complexity.

11. Mariyam Nafees as Saman:
Character Overview: Saman is a supportive character whose interactions with the main cast provide additional dimensions to the storyline. She represents loyalty and friendship.
Actor Insight: Mariyam Nafees’ portrayal of Saman is heartfelt and sincere, enhancing the overall narrative with her performance.

12. Syed Saim Ali as Hashim:
Character Overview: Hashim is another supporting character whose role adds to the drama’s intricate web of relationships and conflicts.
Actor Insight: Syed Saim Ali’s performance as Hashim is impactful, adding another layer of intrigue and drama to the story.

Jhooti Pakistani Drama Ratings:

“Jhooti,” despite its controversial themes, garnered significant viewership and sparked widespread debate. The drama received mixed ratings from audiences and critics. Many praised Iqra Aziz’s compelling performance and the bold narrative, which kept viewers engaged throughout its run. However, some critics pointed out that the storyline’s focus on deceit and greed might set a negative example. The show’s ratings reflected this division, with strong viewership numbers driven by its gripping plot and star-studded cast, yet balanced by critical reservations about its moral implications. Overall, “Jhooti” achieved notable popularity and remains a talked-about drama in Pakistani television.

Jhooti Pakistani Drama Timings:

Jhooti,” airing on ARY Digital, captivates audiences every Saturday at 8:00 PM with its enthralling storyline and stellar performances.

Jhooti Pakistani Drama Director:

“Jhooti,” directed by Syed Ramish Rizvi, stands as a testament to his directorial prowess. Rizvi’s masterful vision brings to life the intricate layers of deceit and ambition portrayed in the drama. With a keen eye for detail and storytelling finesse, he navigates the complex narrative with skill and precision. Rizvi’s direction ensures that each scene resonates with authenticity and emotional depth, captivating viewers and keeping them on the edge of their seats. Under his guidance, “Jhooti” becomes more than just a drama—it becomes a compelling exploration of human nature, morality, and the consequences of living a life built on lies.


“Jhooti” stands as a compelling and thought-provoking drama that delves into the darker aspects of human nature. Through its intricate narrative, powerful performances, and high production values, the drama captures the complexities of deceit, ambition, and familial relationships. Directed by Syed Ramish Rizvi and featuring a stellar cast led by Iqra Aziz and Ahmed Ali Butt, “Jhooti” remains a significant entry in the realm of Pakistani television.

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