Ishq Hai Drama Review: “Ishq Hai”is a Pakistani television drama that captivated audiences with its intricate storytelling, stellar performances, and an engaging plot. Premiering on ARY Digital, this drama quickly became a favorite among viewers, thanks to its exploration of love, betrayal, and the complexities of relationships. Directed by Aabis Raza, “Ishq Hai” features a star-studded cast including Minal Khan, Danish Taimoor, Azekah Daniel, and many others, who brought their characters to life with remarkable finesse.

 Ishq Hai Drama Review

Ishq Hai Pakistani Drama Story:

“Ishq Hai” unfolds a poignant tale of love and societal barriers, starring Minal Khan as Isra and Danish Taimoor as Shahzaib. Isra, a compassionate young woman, and Shahzaib, deeply in love, aspire to marry despite coming from different family backgrounds. Shahzaib’s mother vehemently opposes their relationship, determined to marry him off to her niece to maintain their social status. Similarly, Isra faces resistance from her elders, especially her brother, who opposes her desire for autonomy in marriage.

Amidst these challenges, Isra’s father unexpectedly arranges her marriage to Hammad Shoaib, leaving Isra distraught and Shahzaib desperate. On the day of the arranged wedding, Shahzaib resorts to drastic measures out of love and desperation, kidnapping Isra at gunpoint to marry her against her family’s wishes.

As misunderstandings unfold, Isra’s family believes she has eloped willingly, deepening the familial rift. Meanwhile, Isra and Shahzaib navigate the complexities of their forced union, torn between love and familial expectations, their bond tested against societal norms and personal sacrifices.

“Ishq Hai” intricately weaves together themes of love, class divide, and familial conflict, portraying a gripping narrative of passion and resilience amidst adversity.

 Ishq Hai Drama Review

Ishq Hai Pakistani Drama Cast:

1. Minal Khan as Isra Waqar

Minal Khan plays Isra Waqar, the central character whose life is deeply impacted by Shahzeb’s obsessive love. Her portrayal captures Isra’s journey from innocence to strength amidst challenging circumstances.

2. Danish Taimoor as Shahzeb Husayn

Danish Taimoor portrays Shahzeb Husayn, a wealthy and influential man driven by intense emotions, particularly obsession and revenge towards Isra. His character brings complexity and depth to the drama’s storyline.

3. Azekah Daniel as Naina

Azekah Daniel portrays Naina, a character with hidden motives that influence the plot significantly. Her interactions with other characters add intrigue and suspense to the narrative.

4. Mah-e-noor Haider as Nimra

Mah-e-noor Haider plays Nimra, Isra’s loyal friend who provides unwavering support throughout the ups and downs of Isra’s life. Nimra’s character adds warmth and friendship dynamics to the story.

5. Faraz Farooqui as Hammad

Faraz Farooqui portrays Hammad, a character whose presence introduces emotional complexity to the drama. His role intertwines with the main characters’ lives, contributing to the overall tension and drama.

6. Hammad Shoaib as Haris

Hammad Shoaib plays Haris, offering a different perspective to the unfolding events in the storyline. His character’s interactions and decisions impact the trajectory of the drama, adding layers of conflict and resolution.

7. Babar Ali as Waqar

Babar Ali appears as Waqar, Isra’s father, depicted as a caring and protective figure in her life. His character’s influence and decisions play a pivotal role in shaping Isra’s journey and the family dynamics portrayed in the drama.

8. Farah Nadeem as Farhat

Farah Nadeem portrays Farhat, a character whose actions and decisions impact the lives of the main characters significantly. Her role introduces twists and turns, adding to the drama’s unpredictability.

9. Saba Faisal as Shahzaib’s Mother

Saba Faisal portrays Shahzaib’s mother, a strong-willed woman whose presence and decisions influence Shahzeb’s motivations and actions. Her character adds familial dynamics and emotional depth to the storyline.

10. Mahi Baloch as Sameera

Mahi Baloch plays Sameera, a character who introduces suspense and intrigue into the plot. Her interactions with the main characters contribute to the unfolding drama and its captivating storyline.

11. Saima Qureshi as Saba

Saima Qureshi appears as Saba, contributing to the emotional landscape of the drama with her character’s depth and interactions. Her role enhances the narrative’s complexity and thematic exploration.

12. Tabbasum Arif as Maryam

Tabbasum Arif portrays Maryam, Haris’s mother, adding familial dynamics and emotional resonance to the storyline. Her character’s presence influences Haris’s decisions and actions throughout the drama.

Ishq Hai Pakistani Drama Rating:

Ishq Hai” garners a solid rating of 7.4/10, indicative of its appeal and impact among viewers. The Pakistani drama captivates with its poignant portrayal of Isra and Shahzaib’s romance, fraught with obstacles stemming from class differences and familial discord. Minal Khan shines in her role as Isra, a compassionate young woman navigating love amid societal pressures, while Danish Taimoor impresses as Shahzaib, portraying his character’s intense emotions and struggles. The series’ narrative depth, coupled with strong performances and compelling storytelling, resonates with audiences, making it a standout in the realm of romantic dramas. “Ishq Hai” continues to captivate viewers with its exploration of love’s complexities and the challenges of following one’s heart.

Ishq Hai Drama Review

Ishq Hai Pakistani Drama Timing:

Ishq Hai” drama airs on ARY Digital every Tuesday and Wednesday at 8:00 PM, captivating audiences with its compelling storyline and engaging performances.

Ishq Hai Pakistani Drama Director:

Ishq Hai,” is a directed by Aabis Raza, stands out for its skillful direction that intricately weaves together the complexities of love and societal norms. Aabis Raza brings a distinctive touch to the drama, known for his ability to delve deep into character motivations and emotional dynamics. Through his direction, the storyline of Isra and Shahzaib’s forbidden love unfolds with gripping intensity, portraying their struggles against familial opposition and personal desires. Aabis Raza’s nuanced storytelling captures the essence of relationships and challenges faced by the characters, making “Ishq Hai” a compelling narrative on ARY Digital. Viewers are drawn into the drama’s emotional depth and narrative twists, resonating with its portrayal of love’s triumphs and tribulations under his directorial finesse.


“Ishq Hai” is a drama that resonates with audiences due to its relatable themes, strong performances, and engaging storyline. The combination of a talented cast, skillful direction, and a gripping plot makes it a memorable addition to the realm of Pakistani television dramas. Whether it is the chemistry between Minal Khan and Danish Taimoor or the intricate web of relationships and conflicts, “Ishq Hai” manages to leave a lasting impression on its viewers.

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