Ek Thi Rania Drama Review, “Ek Thi Rania” is a popular Pakistani drama that aired in 2017. This drama captivated audiences with its compelling storyline, strong performances, and high production values. Below is a detailed overview of the drama, including its cast, ratings, and director, extending into a comprehensive exploration of its themes, impact, and critical reception.

Ek Thi Rania Drama Review

Ek Thi Rania Drama Story:

“Ek Thi Rania” is a gripping Pakistani drama that revolves around the life of Rania, a resilient and determined young woman. The story begins with Rania, portrayed by Sumbul Iqbal, navigating the challenges of a patriarchal society while striving to assert her identity and independence. Rania’s life takes a significant turn when she falls in love with Fahad, played by Syed Jibran. Their relationship is central to the plot, marked by intense emotional highs and lows, love, and betrayal.

Rania’s journey is further complicated by the influence of her family. Her father, Aftab (Manzoor Qureshi), and her mother, Zarina (Humaira Bano), embody traditional values, often clashing with Rania’s modern aspirations. Characters like Salma Aapa (Minza Waqas) and Kausar (Kinza Malik) represent the extended family dynamics that Rania must navigate.

Amidst familial pressures, Rania also deals with external conflicts involving Ayyaz (Paras Masroor), Shehzadi (Jinaan Hussain), Kiran (Madiha Rizvi), and Ayeza (Fahima Awan), each adding layers of complexity to her story. As Rania faces betrayal, societal expectations, and personal dilemmas, her journey becomes a poignant exploration of empowerment, love, and resilience, making “Ek Thi Rania” a compelling and emotionally rich drama.

Ek Thi Rania Drama Review

Ek Thi Rania Drama Cast:

1.Sumbul Iqbal as Rania:

Sumbul Iqbal plays the lead role of Rania, a strong and independent woman who navigates complex personal and societal challenges. Her performance brings depth and authenticity to the character, making Rania a memorable protagonist.

2.Syed Jibran as Fahad:

Syed Jibran portrays Fahad, Rania’s love interest. Fahad’s character is central to the drama, providing a mix of charm and intensity. His relationship with Rania is marked by love and conflict, adding significant emotional weight to the story.

3.Manzoor Qureshi as Aftab:

Manzoor Qureshi plays Aftab, a key figure in Rania’s life. Aftab’s decisions and actions have a major impact on the narrative, influencing Rania’s journey in profound ways. Qureshi’s performance adds gravitas to the drama.

4.Humaira Bano as Zarina:

Humaira Bano takes on the role of Zarina, a character who embodies traditional values and societal expectations. Zarina’s influence on Rania’s life is significant, often presenting obstacles that Rania must overcome.

5.Minza Waqas as Salma Aapa:

Minza Waqas portrays Salma Aapa, contributing to the rich tapestry of family dynamics within the drama. Her character interacts closely with Rania and other family members, highlighting the complexities of familial relationships.

6.Paras Masroor as Ayyaz:

Paras Masroor plays Ayyaz, a character whose journey intersects with Rania’s in crucial ways. Ayyaz’s role adds tension and intrigue to the storyline, making his character a key component of the drama’s suspenseful elements.

7.Kinza Malik as Kausar:

Kinza Malik is Kausar, a character tied to the themes of tradition and change. Kausar’s interactions with Rania offer a counterbalance to the protagonist’s modern outlook, and Malik’s performance captures these nuances effectively.

8.Jinaan Hussain as Shehzadi:

Jinaan Hussain plays Shehzadi, whose presence adds complexity to the narrative. Her character’s relationship with Rania and others provides additional layers of emotional and interpersonal dynamics.

9.Madiha Rizvi as Kiran:

Madiha Rizvi portrays Kiran, a character intricately connected to the central themes of the drama. Kiran’s journey and her interactions with Rania contribute significantly to the exploration of societal and familial expectations.

10.Fahima Awan as Ayeza:

Fahima Awan plays Ayeza, a pivotal character in the drama. Ayeza’s role is crucial to the unfolding narrative, with her actions and relationships impacting the overall storyline. Awan’s performance is marked by emotional depth and clarity.

Ek Thi Rania Drama Ratings:

“Ek Thi Rania” received favorable ratings and was well-received by both audiences and critics. The drama’s compelling storyline, strong performances, particularly by Sumbul Iqbal and Syed Jibran, and high production values contributed to its popularity. It maintained consistent viewership throughout its run, often being praised for its nuanced portrayal of complex characters and societal themes. The show’s success is reflected in its strong ratings, making it a standout series on Geo Entertainment and further establishing its place in the landscape of popular Pakistani television dramas.

Ek Thi Rania Drama Timings:

Ek Thi Rania” aired on Geo TV every Friday at 8:00 PM, captivating audiences with its engaging storyline.

Ek Thi Rania Drama Director:

Ek Thi Rania” was directed by Abdullah Badini, known for his adept storytelling and ability to draw out nuanced performances from his actors. Badini’s direction played a crucial role in the drama’s success, skillfully weaving together its complex narrative threads and ensuring a compelling and emotionally resonant storyline. His attention to detail and ability to handle intense emotional scenes brought depth to the characters and heightened the overall impact of the series. Under his direction, “Ek Thi Rania” became a standout drama on Geo TV, praised for its strong direction and engaging storytelling.

Impact and Legacy:

“Ek Thi Rania” left a significant impact on Pakistani television by addressing societal issues and highlighting female empowerment. The drama resonated with audiences due to its portrayal of Rania’s struggle for independence against societal and familial pressures. It sparked conversations about women’s roles and rights in a patriarchal society, encouraging viewers to reflect on these important themes. The strong performances, especially by Sumbul Iqbal, and the compelling narrative contributed to its lasting legacy. “Ek Thi Rania” is remembered for its emotional depth and the way it challenged traditional norms, leaving a mark as a thought-provoking and influential series in the landscape of Pakistani dramas.


“Ek Thi Rania” stands out as a compelling drama that combines strong performances, a gripping storyline, and high production values. Its exploration of themes such as female empowerment, love, betrayal, and societal expectations resonated with audiences, making it a memorable and impactful series in the landscape of Pakistani television.

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