Dil Kiya Karey Drama Review, “Dil Kiya Karey” is a poignant Pakistani drama that captured the hearts of audiences with its compelling storyline, stellar cast, and skilled direction. The drama, which aired on Geo TV, delves into themes of love, loss, and the intricate dynamics of familial relationships. It is a prime example of how Pakistani television dramas have evolved, showcasing depth and quality in storytelling and production.

Dil Kiya Karey Drama Review

Dil Kiya Karey Drama Story:

“Dil Kiya Karey” is a poignant Pakistani drama that explores the themes of love, sacrifice, and societal expectations. The story revolves around Aiman (Yumna Zaidi), a compassionate and strong-willed young woman, who falls deeply in love with Armaan (Feroze Khan), a determined and passionate man. Their love story, however, is fraught with challenges, including familial pressures and personal dilemmas.

Aiman’s family, particularly her wise and caring father Raza (Abid Ali), plays a crucial role in her life, guiding her through difficult times. The narrative also delves into the life of Saadi (Mirza Zain Baig), a character marked by resilience and loss, whose friendship with Aiman adds depth to the story.

Directed by Mehreen Jabbar and written by Asma Nabeel, the drama highlights the complexities of relationships and the struggle to balance personal desires with societal obligations. The characters’ journeys are marked by emotional highs and lows, depicting the harsh realities of love and life.

Through its compelling storyline and powerful performances, “Dil Kiya Karey” captures the essence of human emotions, making it a memorable and impactful series that resonates with its audience.

Dil Kiya Karey Drama Review

Dil Kiya Karey Drama Cast:

1.Yumna Zaidi as Aiman: Yumna Zaidi plays the role of Aiman, a central character whose life and choices drive much of the drama’s narrative. Yumna’s performance is marked by her ability to convey vulnerability and strength, making Aiman a relatable and compelling character.

2.Feroze Khan as Armaan: Feroze Khan, one of the most popular actors in Pakistani television, portrays Armaan, whose journey through love and adversity forms a significant part of the story. Feroze’s charismatic screen presence and emotional depth add layers to Armaan’s character.

3.Abid Ali as Raza: The late Abid Ali, a veteran actor known for his impactful performances, plays Raza, a patriarchal figure whose wisdom and experiences shape the lives of the younger characters. His performance adds gravitas to the drama.

4.Mirza Zain Baig as Saadi: Mirza Zain Baig’s portrayal of Saadi is one of the highlights of the drama. His character’s arc from a loving individual to facing life’s harsh realities is handled with sensitivity and skill by Baig.

5.Tanveer Jamal as Salman: Tanveer Jamal’s character, Salman, is pivotal in the unfolding of the drama’s central conflict. His performance brings a complex character to life, adding to the narrative’s richness.

6.Lubna Aslam as Talat: Talat, played by Lubna Aslam, is a character whose interactions and decisions significantly impact the story. Aslam’s portrayal is nuanced, capturing the multifaceted nature of her character.

7.Marina Khan as Rumaisa: Marina Khan, an iconic name in Pakistani television, brings her considerable talent to the role of Rumaisa. Her portrayal is both heartfelt and engaging, contributing to the drama’s emotional depth.

8.Sonia Rehman as Rabia: Sonia Rehman’s Rabia is another key character, whose presence and actions influence the narrative’s progression. Rehman delivers a strong performance, making Rabia a memorable part of the drama.

9.Shamim Hilaly as Faryal: The seasoned actress Shamim Hilaly plays Faryal with a commanding presence. Her character is crucial to the storyline, and Hilaly’s performance ensures that Faryal stands out.

10.Maryam Nafees as Faryal: Sharing the name but distinct in role, Maryam Nafees’s portrayal of another Faryal brings youthful energy and complexity, showcasing her versatility as an actress.

11.Zahin Tahira as Bua: The late Zahin Tahira, known for her longstanding contributions to Pakistani television, brings warmth and depth to her role as Bua, a character that embodies wisdom and kindness.

12.Zia Gorchani as Armaan’s Father: Zia Gorchani plays Armaan’s father, adding another layer of familial dynamics to the story. His performance is solid, providing a grounding presence in the drama.

13.Nida Mumtaz as Saadi’s Mother: Nida Mumtaz’s role as Saadi’s mother is marked by her ability to portray maternal strength and vulnerability. Her interactions with Saadi and other characters are crucial to the storyline.

14.Sarmad Khoosat as Hussain: Sarmad Khoosat, a renowned actor and director, brings a unique depth to his role as Hussain. His performance is a testament to his versatility and skill.

15.Saman Ansari: Although not as central as other characters, Saman Ansari’s role adds further intricacies to the plot. Her performance is noteworthy, contributing to the drama’s overall impact.

Dil Kiya Karey Drama Ratings:

“Dil Kiya Karey” received positive ratings and was well-received by audiences and critics alike. The drama was praised for its strong performances, particularly by Yumna Zaidi and Feroze Khan, and its compelling storyline. Mehreen Jabbar’s direction and Asma Nabeel’s writing were highlighted as significant strengths, contributing to the series’ emotional depth and relatability. The show’s consistent viewership and social media discussions reflect its impact and popularity, making it a standout in Pakistani television. Overall, “Dil Kiya Karey” maintained high ratings, underscoring its success and resonance with the audience.

Dil Kiya Karey Drama Timings:

Dil Kiya Karey” aired on GEO TV at 8:00 PM, captivating audiences with its engaging storyline and strong performances.

Dil Kiya Karey Drama Director:

Dil Kiya Karey,” directed by the acclaimed Mehreen Jabbar, showcases her expertise in creating emotionally resonant and visually compelling narratives. Known for her meticulous attention to detail and nuanced storytelling, Jabbar brings depth to the drama through well-crafted characters and realistic portrayals of complex relationships. Her direction emphasizes authentic performances, particularly from leads Yumna Zaidi and Feroze Khan, and ensures that the drama’s exploration of love, sacrifice, and societal pressures is both engaging and impactful. Jabbar’s skillful handling of the story cements “Dil Kiya Karey” as a standout production in Pakistani television.


“Dil Kiya Karey” is a remarkable Pakistani drama that stands out for its emotional depth, strong performances, and skilled direction. The drama’s exploration of love, family dynamics, and societal expectations resonates deeply with its audience, making it a memorable and impactful viewing experience.

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