Berukhi Drama Review: “Berukhi” pakistani television dramas have long been a cornerstone of South Asian entertainment, known for their compelling storytelling, emotional depth, and powerful performances. One such recent addition to this rich tradition is the drama series “Berukhi.” Directed by Mohsin Mirza and written by Ghazala Naqvi, “Berukhi” has captivated audiences with its intricate narrative, complex characters, and poignant themes.

Berukhi Drama Review

Berukhi Pakistani Drama Story:

“Berukhi” is a gripping Pakistani drama that centers around the lives of Irtiza Ali Baig, Sabeen, and Maira, exploring themes of love, betrayal, and societal pressures. Irtiza Ali Baig, played by Junaid Khan, is a principled man caught in a tumultuous love triangle. Sabeen, portrayed by Hiba Bukhari, is a young, ambitious woman who dreams of a better future but faces significant obstacles due to societal expectations and family pressures.

The story unfolds as Irtiza and Sabeen’s paths cross, leading to a blossoming romance challenged by external forces. Maira, played by Nazish Jahangir, introduces further complications with her own motivations and actions, creating a web of conflict and intrigue. The drama also delves into the lives of other characters, such as Agha Ali (Usman Peerzada), the authoritative family patriarch, and Shah Bano (Saba Hamid), whose wisdom and strength provide a stabilizing force.

“Berukhi” explores the emotional and psychological landscapes of its characters, highlighting their struggles with societal norms and personal desires. The narrative is rich with emotional depth and complexity, making it a poignant reflection on the human condition and the impact of societal expectations on individual choices.


Berukhi Drama Review

Berukhi Pakistani Drama Cast:

1.Junaid Khan as Irtiza Ali Baig:

Irtiza Ali Baig is the central character, portrayed by Junaid Khan. Irtiza is a charming, determined, and principled man who grapples with societal expectations while staying true to his beliefs. His character is complex, dealing with love, duty, and personal conflicts.

2.Hiba Bukhari as Sabeen:

Hiba Bukhari plays Sabeen, a young woman full of dreams and aspirations. Sabeen faces societal and familial pressures that challenge her goals. Hiba’s portrayal brings out Sabeen’s vulnerability and resilience, making her a relatable and inspiring character.

3.Nazish Jahangir as Maira:

Nazish Jahangir takes on the role of Maira, a character whose actions introduce conflict and intrigue into the storyline. Maira’s relationship with Irtiza and Sabeen adds complexity, with Nazish delivering a layered performance that captures Maira’s internal struggles.

4.Usman Peerzada as Agha Ali:

Agha Ali, portrayed by Usman Peerzada, is the authoritative patriarch whose decisions significantly impact the lives of the other characters. Usman’s performance brings depth and gravitas to Agha Ali’s character.

5.Saba Hamid as Shah Bano:

Shah Bano, played by Saba Hamid, is a wise and strong character. Saba’s nuanced performance adds wisdom and strength to the narrative, making Shah Bano a pivotal figure in the drama.

6.Iffat Rahim as Nazia Mansoor:

Iffat Rahim portrays Nazia Mansoor, a character marked by emotional richness and resilience. Iffat’s portrayal highlights the struggles and strength of Nazia, adding depth to the family dynamics.

7.Rehan Sheikh as Mansoor Ahmad:

Mansoor Ahmad, played by Rehan Sheikh, is a character caught between societal expectations and personal desires. Rehan’s performance adds authenticity and emotional weight to the drama.

8.Afshan Qureshi as Atiya:

Afshan Qureshi’s role as Atiya brings emotional depth and complexity to the story. Her portrayal is poignant, adding significant value to the overall narrative.

9.Birjees Farooqui as Saima:

Birjees Farooqui plays Saima, contributing a range of emotions to her character. Her performance is integral to the storyline, adding to the drama’s emotional depth.

10.Nida Mumtaz as Sabeen’s Mother:

Sabeen’s mother, played by Nida Mumtaz, highlights the generational and ideological conflicts within the family. Her portrayal is realistic and touching, contributing to the family’s dynamic.

11.Noor-ul-Hassan as Sabeen’s Father:

Noor-ul-Hassan plays Sabeen’s father, providing a nuanced portrayal that reflects the complexities of parental expectations and love. His character adds another layer to the familial conflicts in the drama.

12.Rehma Zaman as Sana:

Rehma Zaman portrays Sana, a character who, although having a smaller role, adds to the richness of the narrative with her performance.

13.Umair Rafeeq as Nabeel:

Umair Rafeeq plays Nabeel, bringing additional perspective and subplots that enhance the overall story. His character, while minor, contributes to the drama’s complexity.

Berukhi Pakistani Drama Rating:

“Berukhi” has garnered impressive ratings, reflecting its widespread popularity among Pakistani drama enthusiasts. The show’s compelling storyline, combined with strong performances from its lead actors Junaid Khan, Hiba Bukhari, and Nazish Jahangir, has resonated with viewers. Directed by Mohsin Mirza, the drama’s high production values and meticulous attention to detail further enhance its appeal. Audiences and critics alike have praised “Berukhi” for its emotional depth, intricate character development, and thought-provoking themes. Social media buzz and consistent viewership numbers underscore the drama’s success, solidifying its status as a standout series in the realm of Pakistani television. “Berukhi” continues to captivate audiences, maintaining high ratings and fostering a dedicated fanbase.

Berukhi Pakistani Drama Timing:

Berukhi” airing on ARY Digital every Wednesday at 8:00 PM, promising an engaging television experience for viewers.

Berukhi Pakistani Drama Director:

Berukhi,” directed by Mohsin Mirza, is a riveting drama that delves deep into the complexities of human relationships. With masterful storytelling and compelling character development, Mirza captures the essence of love, betrayal, and redemption. The narrative unfolds seamlessly, drawing viewers into a world filled with passion and intrigue. Through his skilled direction, Mirza skillfully navigates the emotional landscapes of his characters, portraying their struggles and triumphs with authenticity and depth. The cast delivers standout performances, bringing the script to life with raw emotion and intensity. As the plot twists and turns, audiences are kept on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating each new revelation. “Berukhi” is a testament to Mohsin Mirza’s talent as a director, offering audiences a captivating and unforgettable viewing experience.

Berukhi Pakistani Drama Critical Analysis:

“Berukhi” has been praised for its well-developed characters and intricate plot. The drama’s ability to address complex societal issues while maintaining an engaging narrative is one of its strengths. However, some critics have pointed out that certain plot developments could have been handled with more subtlety, and a few character arcs might have benefitted from additional depth.

Despite these minor criticisms, “Berukhi” stands out as a significant contribution to Pakistani television drama. Its exploration of themes like love, betrayal, and societal pressures resonates with a wide audience, making it a drama worth watching.


“Berukhi” is a testament to the strength of Pakistani drama, combining strong storytelling with exceptional performances. The direction, writing, and production values come together to create a drama that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. The cast, led by Junaid Khan, Hiba Bukhari, and Nazish Jahangir, delivers performances that stay with the audience long after the final episode. In sum, “Berukhi” is a drama that not only entertains but also encourages viewers to reflect on the complexities of human relationships and societal expectations.

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