Baddua Drama Review: “Baddua” is a captivating Pakistani drama that aired in 2021, has left an indelible mark on viewers with its intense storyline and remarkable performances. Directed by Raamish Rizvi and penned by the talented Sameena Ejaz, “Baddua” delves into the complex themes of love, betrayal, revenge, and redemption, capturing the intricacies of human relationships and societal expectations.

Baddua Drama Review

Baddua Pakistani Drama Story:

Baddua” is a gripping Pakistani drama that follows the tumultuous journey of Abeer, portrayed by Amar Khan, a young woman driven by ambition and personal desires. Abeer’s manipulative actions and deceitful nature lead her into complex relationships with multiple characters. She is romantically involved with Junaid (Muneeb Butt), whose principles and sense of duty often clash with Abeer’s self-serving motives.

Affan (Osama Tahir) and Neelum (Maryam Noor) play pivotal roles in Abeer’s life, representing the moral and emotional conflicts that ensue. As Abeer’s life unravels, she faces the consequences of her actions, including betrayal and revenge from those she wronged.

The story explores themes of love, betrayal, revenge, and redemption, emphasizing the moral dilemmas faced by individuals when their desires conflict with ethical boundaries. The supporting characters, including Mohsin (Mohsin Abbas Haider), Mudassir (Mehmood Aslam), and Ayesha (Salma Hassan), add depth to the narrative, highlighting the societal and familial pressures that shape the characters’ decisions.

Directed by Raamish Rizvi and written by Sameena Ejaz, “Baddua” is a thought-provoking drama that captivates viewers with its complex characters and intense emotional arcs, ultimately conveying powerful messages about the consequences of one’s actions and the possibility of redemption.

Baddua Drama Review

Baddua Pakistani Drama Cast:

1. Amar Khan as Abeer

Character Overview: Abeer is the central character, known for her ambition and determination. Her journey is marked by intense emotional turmoil as she faces the consequences of her actions.

2. Muneeb Butt as Junaid

Character Overview: Junaid is a man of principles who finds himself deeply entangled in Abeer’s life. His struggle between love and duty forms a crucial part of the narrative.

3. Osama Tahir as Affan

Character Overview: Affan is a steadfast and principled character whose decisions significantly influence the storyline. His interactions with Abeer add depth to the plot.

4. Maryam Noor as Neelum

Character Overview: Neelum is a loyal and compassionate character, essential to the emotional dynamics of the drama. Her presence adds intensity and depth to the story.

5. Mohsin Abbas Haider as Mohsin

Character Overview: Mohsin brings a unique energy to the drama, portraying a complex individual with his own set of challenges. His role is pivotal in driving the narrative forward.

6. Mehmood Aslam as Mudassir

Character Overview: Mudassir is a character whose wisdom and experience provide a grounding presence in the drama. He adds a layer of depth and realism to the family dynamics.

7. Salma Hassan as Ayesha

Character Overview: Ayesha’s character is integral to the family storyline. She brings emotional depth and realism to the drama, playing a significant role in shaping the narrative.

8. Abdullah Ejaz as Ather

Character Overview: Ather’s actions have far-reaching consequences in the storyline. His character is complex and adds tension to the plot.

9. Shazia Gohar as Shabana

Character Overview: Shabana is marked by emotional depth and significance. Her role is crucial in the unfolding events of the drama.

10. Birjees Farooqui as Afshan

Character Overview: Afshan’s character adds subtlety and realism to the narrative. She brings a nuanced performance that enhances the overall story.

11. Mariam Ansari as Annie

Character Overview: Annie’s character introduces youthful energy into the drama. Her presence adds a fresh perspective to the narrative.

12. Komal Rizvi as Nazia

Character Overview: Nazia’s character adds complexity to the story, providing a different dimension to the narrative with her strong and nuanced performance.

13. Shaheen Khan as Kausar

Character Overview: Kausar is crucial in shaping the storyline, bringing wisdom and perspective to the drama. Her role adds depth to the overall narrative.

14. Saba Faisal as Ather

Character Overview: Saba Faisal’s character is one of the key supporting roles, adding gravitas and emotional depth to the drama. Her performance is impactful and essential to the story.

15. Fareeda Shabbir as Haleema

Character Overview: Haleema’s character is marked by strength and resilience. Her portrayal adds a memorable layer to the drama, contributing significantly to the storyline.

Baddua Pakistani Drama Rating:

Baddua” received commendable ratings for its compelling storyline and strong performances. Viewers and critics alike praised the drama for its intense emotional portrayal and intricate character development. Amar Khan’s portrayal of Abeer, coupled with Muneeb Butt’s nuanced performance as Junaid, garnered particular acclaim. The direction by Raamish Rizvi and the writing by Sameena Ejaz were also lauded for their depth and authenticity, contributing to the drama’s success. The ratings reflected the audience’s engagement with the storyline, which delved into themes of love, betrayal, and redemption, making “Baddua” a memorable addition to Pakistani television.

Baddua Pakistani Drama Timing:

Badduadrama airing every Monday at 8:00 pm on ARY Digital, offers viewers a captivating journey through intricate relationships and moral dilemmas.

Baddua Pakistani Drama Director:

Baddua,” directed by Raamish Rizvi, stands out for its meticulous storytelling and emotive direction. Rizvi brings a keen eye for detail to the drama, skillfully weaving together complex narratives of love, betrayal, and redemption. His direction ensures a poignant portrayal of characters, capturing their inner conflicts and emotional journeys with authenticity. Under Rizvi’s guidance, the drama unfolds with gripping intensity, compelling viewers to delve deeper into the intricacies of human relationships and societal norms. “Baddua” not only entertains but also challenges viewers to reflect on moral choices and the consequences of one’s actions, cementing Rizvi’s reputation as a director of depth and vision.

Baddua Pakistani Drama Audience Response:

“Baddua” has received a strong and positive response from its audience, resonating deeply with viewers for its emotional depth and compelling storyline. Audiences have been captivated by the intricate portrayal of characters and their moral dilemmas, particularly Amar Khan’s portrayal of Abeer and Muneeb Butt’s performance as Junaid. The drama’s exploration of themes like love, betrayal, and redemption has sparked discussions among viewers, who appreciate its realistic portrayal of human relationships and societal challenges. “Baddua” has gained a dedicated fanbase, with viewers eagerly tuning in each week to follow the dramatic twists and turns of the storyline.


“Baddua” is a Pakistani drama that stands out for its compelling storyline, strong performances, and thoughtful direction. The ensemble cast, led by Amar Khan and Muneeb Butt, brings the characters to life with remarkable depth and authenticity. The drama’s exploration of themes such as love, betrayal, revenge, and redemption resonates with viewers, making it a significant addition to Pakistani television.

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