Baaghi Drama Review: “Baaghi” is a Pakistani television drama series that premiered on Urdu 1 on July 27, 2017. The series is based on the life of the controversial Pakistani actress Qandeel Baloch, who tragically lost her life in July 2016 at the hands of her brother in the name of honor. The screenplay for the drama was crafted by Umera Ahmad, a renowned Pakistani writer known for her poignant narratives.

Baaghi Drama Review

Baaghi Drama Story:

Baaghi” tells the poignant tale of Fauzia Batool, a spirited young woman living in a village with her family. Her elder brother Rahim’s controlling wife, Asma, dominates their household. Asma’s brother Sajid falls for Fauzia, prompting Asma to arrange their marriage against Fauzia’s wishes. Despite her objections to Sajid’s lack of ambition, family pressure forces Fauzia to agree. On the wedding day, she flees, unwilling to sacrifice her dreams.

Fauzia finds love and support in Abid, a cosmetic shop owner returned from Dubai. They marry, but Abid’s interest wanes post-marriage. Despite having a son, Fauzia discovers Abid’s affair with Ruby, enduring his abuse before he divorces and casts her out. Determined to pursue her dreams, Fauzia heads to Karachi where she transforms under Gogi/Rehaan’s guidance, rebranding as Kanwal, a social media sensation.

Meanwhile, Abid marries Ruby, leaving his child in his sister’s care. Fauzia faces exploitation in Karachi but perseveres, uploading videos that garner fame and criticism alike. She meets Shehryar, a widower unaware of her past, and they fall in love. Despite the revelation of her identity and past, Shehryar empathizes with Fauzia’s struggles.

Tragically, Fauzia’s drug-addicted brother, ridiculed for her actions, fatally assaults her during a drug-induced haze. Her life flashes before her as she succumbs, leaving her family and Shehryar devastated. The media covers her death, leading to her brother’s arrest for murder.

“Baaghi” explores themes of ambition, resilience, and familial conflict amidst Fauzia’s journey from a constrained village life to tragic fame, highlighting the complexities of personal and societal expectations.

Baaghi Drama Review

Baaghi Drama Cast:

1. Saba Qamar as Kanwal Baloch / Fauzia Batool

Saba Qamar portrays the protagonist Fauzia Batool, inspired by the controversial Pakistani actress Qandeel Baloch. Fauzia is depicted as a bold and ambitious woman who challenges societal norms to achieve fame, facing immense scrutiny and tragedy along the way.

2. Osman Khalid Butt as Shahreyar

Osman Khalid Butt plays Shahreyar, a character pivotal in Fauzia’s life. He offers both support and conflicting emotions as Fauzia navigates her journey in the entertainment industry and grapples with personal challenges.

3. Ali Kazmi as Abid

Ali Kazmi portrays Abid, a significant character in the series who influences Fauzia’s decisions and experiences, adding complexity to her narrative.

4. Naida Afgan as Asma

Naida Afgan appears as Asma, contributing to the storyline with her character’s interactions and relationships, offering perspectives that impact Fauzia’s journey.

5. Irfan Khoosat as Fauzia’s Father

Irfan Khoosat plays the role of Fauzia’s father, portraying the traditional values and familial dynamics that shape Fauzia’s upbringing and choices.

6. Saba Faisal as Fauzia’s Mother

Saba Faisal portrays Fauzia’s mother, providing insight into the family’s struggles, support, and the emotional turmoil faced by Fauzia.

7. Rabia Noreen as Samreen

Rabia Noreen appears as Samreen, adding depth to the narrative through her character’s interactions and developments alongside Fauzia’s journey.

8. Nimra Khan as Munni

Nimra Khan plays Munni, contributing to the drama with her character’s role and relationships within the storyline.

9. Seemi Raheel as Abid’s Mother

Seemi Raheel portrays Abid’s mother, influencing the storyline with her character’s perspectives and actions that impact Fauzia and others.

10. Sarmad Khoosat as Raheem

Sarmad Khoosat appears as Raheem, adding complexity to the series with his character’s nuances and interactions, impacting the narrative significantly.

11. Yasir Hussain as Sohail Warraich

Yasir Hussain plays Sohail Warraich, a significant character whose role intertwines with Fauzia’s journey, offering perspectives and challenges that shape her decisions.

12. Aliee Sheikh as Gohar

Aliee Sheikh appears as Gohar, contributing to the storyline with his character’s interactions and developments alongside Fauzia’s narrative.

13. Khalid Malik as Rehaan

Khalid Malik portrays Rehaan, adding depth to the series with his character’s perspectives and actions that influence the storyline.

Baaghi Drama Rating:

Baaghi” has garnered widespread acclaim with a rating of 8.6/10. The drama captivated audiences with its compelling storyline centered around Fauzia Batool’s tumultuous life journey, from a small village to the glamorous world of modeling in Karachi. It received praise for its bold portrayal of societal issues, including women’s empowerment, domestic abuse, and the pitfalls of fame. Saba Qamar’s stellar performance as Fauzia/Kanwal earned particular acclaim, supported by a strong ensemble cast including Osman Khalid Butt, Ali Kazmi, and Sarmad Khoosat. The series resonated with viewers for its emotional depth, powerful character development, and poignant portrayal of real-life struggles, making it a standout in Pakistani television drama, reflected in its high rating.

Baaghi Drama Timing:

Baaghi” drama airs on Urdu 1 every Thursday at 8:00 PM, captivating viewers with its compelling storyline and stellar performances.

Baaghi Drama Director:

Baaghi,” is a directed by Farooq Rind, stands out in Pakistani television for its compelling storytelling and nuanced character development. Under Rind’s direction, the drama delves into the complex life of Fauzia Batool, navigating her journey from a small village to the glamourous world of Karachi’s modeling industry. Rind’s adept handling of the narrative captures the societal challenges, personal ambitions, and emotional struggles faced by Fauzia, portrayed by Saba Qamar. His directorial vision brings depth to each character, highlighting their growth and interactions amidst a backdrop of cultural norms and modern aspirations. Rind’s skillful use of cinematography and setting enriches the viewing experience, making “Baaghi” a standout drama known for its impactful storytelling and reflection of contemporary Pakistani society.


“Baaghi” stands as a powerful testament to the life and struggles of Qandeel Baloch, shedding light on the complexities of fame and the harsh realities faced by women in pursuit of their dreams in conservative societies. Through compelling storytelling and strong performances, the series continues to resonate with audiences, prompting reflection on social issues and the pursuit of justice.
This drama remains a significant contribution to Pakistani television, highlighting the importance of narratives that challenge societal norms and advocate for greater understanding and empathy.

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